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Witch Hat Makeover Tutorial

By The Style Sisters - Monday, October 27, 2014

My daughter Emily needed a witch hat for her costume the other night but didn't want to spend a lot money. So I rummaged around in my Halloween stuff and found.....
Witch hat makeover tutorial, witch hat diy, witches night out
This!....an old witch hat with green hair attached...maybe you remember when I used it to make a witch scarecrow in my front yard years ago? HERE
Witch hat makeover

We commenced on a serious Witch hat makeover! First thing cut off the stringy green hair...BTW I've seen these hats at Walmart..they still make them.

Next...a little shopping of course! Emily went to Michaels and scored in finding some

sparkly orange decor for the hat..a buck each! Then at hobby lobby she found the awesome black and siver feathered boa.
Emily wrapped the boa twice around the brim of the hat and hot glued it in places to keep it sturdy.

Then she took white tulle and tied a big huge bow in the front again securing it with hot glue...what did we ever use before hot glue??!! and then she hit glued Mr. Sparkly skeleton head in the center of the bow.

Witch hat makeover tutorial, witch hat DIY, the Style Sisters

First we thought about hot glueing the glitter balls around the base of the hat but you couldn't see them so Emily came up with a great idea...to add them all around the pointy part of the hat. They are so light weight they stayed on perfectly! Emily spayed hat with glue and sprinkled glitter all around too!

Witch hat makeover, witch hat, the style sisters

Pretty cool huh?!! I think I will use it as a centerpiece! I did a fun Witchy Tablescape awhile ago you can see it here

Witch hat makeover, witch hat DIY, witch hat

They looked gorgeous!! And had a blast at Witch's Night Out!

Witch hat makeover, witch hat DIY, witches night out south Jordan


Hope y'all have your costumes ready!!












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  1. Adorable witches and their hats!

  2. Y'all look so cute, and that re-do turned the witch hat into such a stylish fashion accessory! Love it. laurie



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