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Wild Kratts Birthday Party

By The Style Sisters - Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Wild Kratts Jungle Birthday Party!
There is so much to show you!!
There will be multiple posts about this fun birthday that we did for my grandson and his friends and they all had the best time ever! All thanks to his sweet momma, Aunt and grandma :) They Rock! 
My tutorials for the party games are HERE
Wild Kratts birthday party, jungle birthday party, zebra cheetah giraffe paper plates, party pail
Madeline set the table starting with a bamboo runner and some house plants and cups of grass to make it feel jungly. Each placesetting had Party Pails zebra striped plates, cheetah napkins and giraffe paper cups with black and white striped straws and black plastic silverware..sooo cool! Which makes for such easy clean up!
 If you need party invitations or birthday cards, you can make some on sites like Shutterfly.
Wild Kratts birthday party, jungle birthday party,
Above the table we used Party Pails crepe paper that we cut slits into to give it some texture....crepe paper is such a great way to get a lot bang for your little buck! The awesome animal paper lanterns are also from party pail. The big brown twisted looking vine was made from left over packing paper!
Wild Kratts birthday party, jungle party, zebra cheetah giraffe paper plates, party pail
I told my daughter now that the party is over... she needs to have a jungle BBQ in the backyard and invite some friends over and hang these from the trees in the yard!
Animal print paper lanterns, party pail, wild Kratts birthday party
Do you see that adorable Tortuga cake!! My daughter Emily made that especially for Calvin! You can see the tutorial for the Tortuga cake here. Emily made it the night before baking it in a dome shaped bowl and used cupcakes for the head and the feet!
Turtle cake, Tortuga cake, wild Kratts birthday party, party pail
Look at the cool snakes we found at the dollar store!!
The kids were in heaven!
So many cool things to look at and enjoy...gummy candies from the dollar store in the shapes of turtles and frogs were strewn around the table.
We also found these battery operated lights in the shape of dragon flies and green leaves at the dollar store too! They are really cool!
We filled these super cool palm tree containers with candies for the kids! These came from Party Pail too!
Palm tree treat box, wild Kratts birthday party, jungle party, party pailI just love these animal plates cups and napkins!
Zebra plates, wild Kratts birthday party, party pail
We found these bug catchers in lots of colors at the dollar store...they were perfect for the bug collecting game..I will post more on all the games next week...so much fun!
Here is the birthday boy wearing his Creature Power Suit that his mother and I made and not just for him but for all the kids! I will have a tutorial for this next week too! 
Yes we were very busy!!
Cheetah tails for the cheetah race game...more on that next week too! So many tutorials and fun ideas you are going to love love love it!
Happy Birthday to my sweet Cal-Man!! We had a blast putting this all together!,
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  1. LOVE this post! I'm throwing my 3 & 5 year old boys a Wild Kratt party next month. Have you done your post on the tortuga cake yet? I can't seem to find it. Let me know. :)


  2. Hi!
    Did you ever make a post about how you made the creature power suits? I can't find it and it would me most helpful, thanks!

  3. Awesome party! Did you ever make a post about how you made the creature power suits? I am having trouble finding it. My son really wants me to make them for his party. Thanks!

    1. Hi Dianna I am thinking I forgot to post that! Here is a link to a pattern that my daughter based it on. She made it simpler I believe http://pin.it/xQzMFYx



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