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Fashion Friday- Flipped out

By The Style Sisters - Thursday, April 17, 2014

I was feeling a little sassy I attempted to flip out my hair for a new look...what do you think? Yes those are my grey hairs all over the place....I decided to completely let it more dyeing it. My mom looks beautiful with her salt and pepper so I figured heck why's a pain to keep dyeing all the time.
Fashion Friday, fashion for 50 somethings, modest fashion,
For my outfit I paired my turqoise (can you tell I have a thing for turquoise lately) and white striped maxi skirt layered with a white tank and over that the peach tank....I love the ruffles down the front! Then I added a 3/4 sleeve white sweater.
Fashion Friday, fashion for 50 somethings, modest fashion , Maxi skirt
Just sassin it up lol
Layered ruffles help camouflage the belly
I took this shot outside and didn't even know the sun was cascading over my head like this.
I seriously seriously love this necklace I bought it on Pick Your Plum last year...I hope they get more or at least something like it.
Fashion Friday, fifty something Fashion, modest fashion
Someday when my grandkids are older they are going to look at my blog and just laugh at their crazy grandma :)
Fashion Friday,fashion for 50 Somethings, modest fashion, maxi skirt
Well there you have sassy flipped out fashion Friday :)
Fashion Friday, fifty something Fashion, modest fashion
Skirt -
White sweater- gap outlet
Peach tank- I don't remember
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  1. cute outfit, love the turquoise and orange! really love that sassy flipped out "do"!

    1. Thanks Debra for your made my day! :)

  2. Loving it! Never would have thought that turquoise and orange can look so cute together !

  3. What a great the colors and your sassy attitude!
    ps: I also love the colors in your room....the pale you remember what color that is?

    1. Thanks so much Susan for your lovely comments. The colors in my house are yellow and blue and the names are Lemon Chiffon and Tidewater both from Sherwin Williams

  4. you are too cute... Great style girl !!!! Love the vintage necklace very inspiring I was just at a local vintage shop and saw a bunch of cool necklaces like what you are wearing its cool to just wear them with anything. Take care maria.

  5. Tooooo CUTE! I want and may have to be a copy cat!
    Love these post on Friday, keep them coming!

    Cathy <:)


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