Centerpiece Wednesday- beautiful creative things

It was a busy week last week getting ready for Easter wasn't it?

I don't know about you my blogging buddies but I find it challenging to stay ahead of the game when a holiday rolls around..I want so much to be snapping gorgeous photos, spending time with my family, creating delicious food, writing great things for each blog post, creating new and exciting crafts or finishing a DIY project along with keeping up with all the regular shopping, cleaning, laundry...etc.

I wish there were 2 or more of me at times LOL but alas there is only one of me and I simply can't do it all. I continue to love the "art of blogging" as I like to call it....even when it gets crazy! It is a thrill to make something and share it with all my bloggy buddies it's like I have a ton of sisters all over the world...saying..."that is so cute or wow that looks yummy or way to go" you know how to make a girl feel good! I just love blogging with you my "blogging Sista's" you are all just so fun!

Posts you may have missed recently -

Easter dinner on the patio

Amazing moist decadent chocolate cake!

Fashion Friday- Flipped Out

I truly enjoy hosting Centerpiece Wednesday each week and seeing all the beautiful and creative things each of you have been up is always so inspiring to me and hopefully to all of you too.

My favorite picks from last week are-

3-D Carrot box tutorial Pink Polka Dot Creations

Fancy Carrot Cake- Simply Suzanne's

Lunch in the carrot patch- The Painted Apron

Pottery Barn inspired Tuscan vase- Decorated Chaos

DIY beaded vase and candle holders -Homey Oh My

Easter Buffet - Beauxrevesamore

Link on up my creative blogging Sista's

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