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Unique shopping in Mckinney Texas

By The Style Sisters - Monday, July 07, 2008

This is probably one of my most favorite shops to go to in Old McKinney, Texas. The name of it is 120 and is run by this cute little lady that knows my husband and I by name now because we love to just stop in and chat with her. Old Mckinney just has that old town feeling where people want to get to know their customers on a first name basis. Just by looking at the outside of her shop you can tell that something fabulous awaits you once inside. Her shop is filled with all kinds of unique goodies. Some of the fun things available are really beautifully made pop-up books for children, unique glassware, gorgeous bird cages to hang in your home, french stamp sets, ribbons, tags, clocks, decorating books, lots of french items, tall glass jars with lids filled with trinkets and treasures. Every nook and cranny is filled with something to delight your senses. Best of all most of the things cannot be found in departments stores. Love that!
Here is another cute little shop that is right next door to 120, called The Picket Fence. All these shop owners get together and host all kinds of outdoor events like sidewalk sales with musicians playing in the streets all throughout the year to help bring in customers. On the 4th of July they held a Homemade Ice Cream Crank Off. In fact there is an old antique shop in town that had a mini museum of old Ice Cream Makers that was amazing to see. I took pictures throught the glass window.

If you are ever in North Dallas be sure to go on over to Old Mckinney and check out the adorable shops that are over there.

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  1. If you like this store yo uwould LOVE OO RUFTYS in Salisbury North carolina.

    I am REALLy enjoying your blog though it makes me feel like I need a home makeover. I know...how about you do a contest for a home makeover. You come in and decorate my home.I would make a youtube video and everything...I swear. DO I get extra points for suggesting the idea?



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