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Green Acres is the place for me....

By The Style Sisters - Sunday, July 20, 2008

I love to visit my mom's place in Veyo, Utah! My (I should say our ) mom is one amazing woman that loves to garden like nobody's business! She is out there every morning weeding, watering, planting, feeding, pruning etc.. and loving every minute of it!.

Not only does she love to garden but she also just has a way of making her little oasis in the desert come alive for any and all who come to visit. It seems like every other month or so there is a wedding reception held in her yard or some other garden gathering or many a family member and their families coming to stay for a visit.
Mom makes sure there is always plenty of homemade delicious food to eat, she makes her own jams and jellies from the fruit trees in her yard and cooks with all her amazing herbs that she grows in her herb garden. She always has a plethora of homemade chocolate chip or apricot scones to eat for a delicious breakfast and homemade cookies, pies or cakes too. Mom creates a feasts for the eyes every time she sets the table to sit down and eat. Yes she is our own "Martha Stewart" but actually she has been Martha even before Martha existed!

Mom has a passion for anything French and has been blessed with a "eye" for creating beautiful things! She just has an incredible knack of creating little vignettes not only in her home but also out in the garden that literally take your breath away.

Just look at the "Play house" and the big white bird cage with Ivy growing all around it. I don't know if you can see in the background of the photo but those two trees are fruit trees. One is an apricot tree and the other is a pear tree.

Would you just look at this gorgeous French looking pot filled with gorgeous flowers! How come I can't make my pots look like this or better yet keep them alive?

All the kids and grand kids love to go to Mom and Carl's house because there is always fun to be had. We play all kinds of fun games out in the yard like boccie ball, ping pong tournaments, squirt gun fights, Zip Bong, Dippity Dippity Dip (these two games are hysterical by the way). All the boys play football or baseball or even hit golf balls out there in the back. But the best part is just being together hanging out with the whole family!

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  2. Wow!!! How cool that you have done this! It's like a teeny legacy to our amazingly talented mother!

  3. Hey girls, can I go to mom and Carl's house too? I need a good vacation spot! It is lovely. You're lucky to have such a beautiful place to go home to.

  4. WHERE does your mom live. I want to go. What a lovely garden.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog!
    It was nice meeting you!


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