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The rest of the "flight" story

By The Style Sisters - Wednesday, July 16, 2008

I am sure you are all dying to hear the rest of the stand-by flight story.....So here goes...after sitting in the airport for seven more is time for the last flight of the night......we are sitting there waiting to to here our names called to see if we could get on this flight.....waiting, waiting then sure enough ,my name was called! "Joy to the World"!! only they did not call my daughters name.....(the buddy pass). I run up to the ticket counter and explain to them that I need my buddy pass to leave with me and they say.... I am sorry....there are no more seats available on this will have to come back tomorrow. Urghhh!! Then the other ticket agent that was sitting there said wait....there is a flight boarding right now to a small town about 45 min away from where you want to be ....can you get someone to come pick you up if we can get both of you on that flight. I said .......OH YES!! He called over to the other gate, confirmed that we could get on and said run on over there they will take you!! DING DING DING (the bells from slot machines in Vegas are ringing loudly) We won the prize. It was not the exact prize we wanted but it was sure a big win for us. So all in all it took us over 48 hours to get to our final destination but we did get there! It was worth the whole ordeal just to be reunited with our family, celebrate my birthday and my older daughters birthday....together with everyone at a big family gathering, making homemade ice cream, watching the "Enchanted" movie on a big white sheet down in the basement with all my nieces and nephews, and laughing with my sister until my sides just ache!! There is nothing better.

Tomorrow.......My attempt at being a kid and swinging on a swing.....only to fall off and eat dirt....A classic moment in my life.

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