On the road again.... - The Style Sisters

On the road again....

By The Style Sisters - Friday, July 18, 2008

Remember the movie "planes trains and automobiles"....well that is what we are up to now...My sister drove to St. George from Colorado with her cute little family and her husband. But he left early to fly out to Idaho to meet his brothers for a quick fishing trip. So that left my sister driving back to Colorado with all the kids and no hubby. Tiffany begged me and my daughter to drive back with her and her four little kidlets to Colorado (8 hour drive) and then get up early the next morning and try to fly (stand-by) out of her little airport on a prop plane to Salt Lake City. Are you familiar with what kind of airplane I am talking about?...It's the kind of airplane that has two propellers and jumps, wiggles and bumps along in the air caused by any small amout of air turbulence..like when a bird flys by and flaps its wings! The noise level of a Prop plane is so loud inside the plane that you have to yell at the person sitting right next to you to ask them to move so you can squeeze over the top of them to get up to use the microscopic bathroom. Luckily these tiny prop planes do come equipped with a bathroom and one very small flight attendant that hopefully in case of an emergency can some how hop into that teeny tiny bathroom and magically turn into the incredible hulk or superman and save us. Since the planes are so small there is no room for overhead luggage so when flying on these planes you check your baggage right before you enter the plane and they take it right then and there and throw it into the belly of plane but that makes it nice so you don't have to go to baggage claim when you land. Once we land from this unique and scary flight we then (after waiting to fly standby) get to board a real jet with two bathrooms and two regular sized flight attendants and fly back to Dallas Forth Worth airport. Once we land we then take a bus to the far north parking lot and try and remember where we parked our car. Once inside our car we drive for just another 45 minutes and we are home!!

We will keep you posted on the adventures of driving in the car with all the kids when we are waiting stand-by in the airport. Until then.....

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