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My Home Decorating Inspiration Book

By The Style Sisters - Wednesday, July 23, 2008

You may be asking yourselves where is she getting all the photos of the kitchens from back in 2002 and 2006? Well I will tell you my little secret...I started a Home Decorating Inspiration Note book years ago and filled it with all kinds of delicious interior design looks that I love.

I am a little obsessed with magazines and I hate throwing them away but my stash just gets too big sometimes and so I go through them and tear out any photos of rooms, holiday decor, ideas etc... that I think I might like to try to emulate in my own home or that I just love. I put them all in plastic covers and organize them by room (ie. kitchens, living rooms, dining rooms, etc and holidays ideas, and there is a category for decor items too). I put them all in one book and this is what it looks like.
I really wanted to be an interior designer once upon a time ago and took several classes in college and did end up working for a commercial design company (but only as a sales assistant and then in went into sales myself) and learned a lot but the most fun I have is just experimenting in my own home. I remember one class I took, the teacher had us use magazines, and tear out any photo of rooms or furniture and accessories that we liked and make a photo collage on poster board. She told us that this exercise can be a great tool to use with clients in the future because it helps them to see what they are attracted to and it will help you as a designer to meet their needs. So since then I have always bought tons of magazines and have done it for myself. It is really fun to do.

Leave a comment about what things you do to get inspired to decorate your own home?

Ta Ta For Now......I must get busy making my friends parents 50th wedding anniversary video it is going to turn out great! is my little side business. Take a peek sometime.


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  1. Thank you for coming by to see my laundryroom! I hope you'll be back for another visit.

    I love to tear out those photos too. Lots of inspiration in the magazines. I can't seem to get rid of any of them.


  2. I do the same thing, it's fun! But, it's about time I go through the piles of magazines I have laying around the house and do some tearing and tossing. It's fun to dream.

  3. I do the same thing, but I have a big box! I should put it in a binder! right now I am inspired by getting to redo something to my home for the first time in years! There's nothing like a little dormancy to be inspired! Jen R

  4. Oh my gosh...I have one of those books too...mine may not be a neat as yours. I have been doing that for years and refer back to it quit often. Good job as always


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