Amazing kitchens

By Karin Brosnan - Wednesday, July 23, 2008

I took this pictures about 4 years ago while on a home tour in the Salt Lake City, Utah area and fell in love with everything about it!! I love white kitchens so much! This is where I first fell in love with the robin's egg blue color of the walls. I can't seem to find the other pictures that I took of this house. It was one amazing home. I still dream about it.
Look at this black and white kitchen....I love the stripes and big check patterned fabric. I really like the glass cupboard doors on some of the top cupboards. The built in bench seating is just so adorable. It looks so inviting. I want to be there right now having a lovely breakfast...or lunch...or dinner...or even just a snack. :) (photo from internet I don't remember where)

This is probably one of my favorite kitchens....I call it Sweet Potatoes because of the sign in the background. I love the butcher block counter tops, the warm golden wood floors, the little "leg" styling of the cupboards touching the floor, the glass cupboard doors and the simple black knobs. OH yeah and the cute chalkboard sitting on the counter. This just says come on in everyone and let's have a meal. Doesn't it? (Photo from country living July 2002)
Okay now this is another one I love...It just says warm and cozy doesn't it. Again another chalkboard in the kitchen (hanging in the back from a ribbon), glass doors, old fashioned knobs, wood floors and ivy topiaries. (photo from Remodeling Ideas Dec/Jan 2004)

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  1. Gosh, I am so excited to start my own kitchen reno, after flipping houses. Can't wait to decide what I'd like for myself! Those pictures and ideas are GREAT.

  2. I know there is just something about seeing kitchens all put together to get you in the mood to do a re-do! Please post pictures of your re-do when you are done. We will be checking out your blog.


  3. I LOVED this post. I have an idea book, too, but I haven't been adding to it in a while. It's been more on my computer lately, but it's not the same. You must show more of that/those books!! :-) OH...I'm a white kitchen fan too!

  4. redo? Your assuming that I new where to begin. I am awaiting the "salvation" army to come and save me. Ummm, the would mean STYLE Army. Cmon youve seen home makeover. I am not looking for a new house just a new look for my old one.


  5. I like your beautiful blog, I want that beautiful kitchen that you have posted. Thank you for posting.

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