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Pipe towel rack DIY for small bathroom

By The Style Sisters - Saturday, September 12, 2015

This pipe towel rack that my daughter created is just so cool looking and great for small spaces! 

Emily got all the pipes and connectors at Home Depot and had the lengths of the pipes cut to size at Home Depot. They installed the pipes onto the walls making sure to screw them into studs because they do have some weight to them. 

Pipe Towel rack DIY, Industrial pipe towel rack
I love this idea of creating a double towel rack to hang more towels in a small space. The industrial look is just so hot right now! Wouldn't our grandmothers just laugh at this idea of using piping as decoration? I just love how it looks. 

Decide how long you want the towel racks to be...hang your towels on an existing towel rack to get an idea of how long you want your pipe to be. Then decide on how many elbows connectors and /or ''T' brackets and then finally how many flanges...(the part that lays flat to the wall). It is kind of like building tinker toys. Screw the pieces together to create the look you want. You can add pipe glue if you want them to be sturdier but Emily and Kevin felt like they didn't need any 

pipe towel rack DIY, industrial double towel rack DIY

How cute is this toilet paper holder! 1 small piece of pipe, an elbow, an end cap and a flange.

 pipe toilet paper holder DIY, Pipe towel rack DIY
Check out Emily's chalkboard kitchen countertops or the painting of a small bedroom gray for more small space decorating ideas

What do you think of the industrial look? 
Have you tried making any type of pipe decorative things in your house?
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  1. Where can I find the dimensions you used to make the double towel bar and toilet paper holder? I love it!



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