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Afraid to try Periscope? Don't be!Try my 5 tips

By The Style Sisters - Thursday, September 03, 2015

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Have you heard about the newest social media platform called Periscope? It is live broadcasting! I am loving it and I have only been at it for a couple of weeks! 

 It immediately brings in new followers
You can teach something to people live!
 Interact with viewers live
Answer questions about a project or demo immediately
 It is flat out fun!

Here is the link to the app Periscope all you need is a twitter account and then download the app and you can start broadcasting to the world!

What if that scares you? Well you have come to the right place. 
Here are my 5 tips for doing your first "scope"

1. RELAX! be yourself, talk like you were talking to a best friend. Enjoy the process. Don't worry if your first few are not exactly what you want..practice but most of all have fun!

2. Pretest yourself- Do a video of yourself and check the lighting, the background and the sound. I did a cooking scope the other day and didn't realize the frying sound from the pan was too loud and you couldn't hear me very well. 

3. Make some notes- don't just blabber on there..make a few mental notes or jot them down a piece of paper so you can remember what you were going to talk about and keep it flowing better.

4. Once the broadcast starts...don't wait just start talking, get your information out...if you have late viewers do a quick recap and then remind them they can watch the replay.

5. Invite viewers- invite them to follow you on periscope, invite them to give you hearts so you can know if they like what you are broadcasting and invite them to share the scope with friends by swiping either right or left depending on their phone and share to their followers or share on twitter. 

I have more tips and ideas on my scope that you can watch below

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