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Painting small master bedroom gray

By The Style Sisters - Friday, September 11, 2015

I gotta tell you...
When my daughter first said she wanted to paint her small master bedroom gray... I was very hesitant... I've always thought you just don't paint small spaces a dark color.... but it turned out beautiful!! 
Painting small master bedroom gray, small space decorating

This is where we started... The room was painted kind of a dirty cream-yellow... Kind of lackluster. You didn't even notice the white trim until we painted the walls gray.
Look at how the white trim pops now! Emily is still deciding on what kind of window treatments she wants to do...but for now she has to deal with the beige blinds.  
Emilys cute striped bedding is from Target. 

Small space painting it gray, white trim pops with gray painted walls
The IKEA dresser holds a ton of clothing because of their deep drawer size.... which helps out a ton in this small bedroom for two! I really like the wood floors with a nice gray rug which pulls the room together don't you think?

Emily found these antlers at hobby lobby and spray painted them white for a fun jewelry holder!

Her cute hubby will be hanging up some cool night stands that he made and then she will be able to put her glowing lamps on them. Em has plans to do more artwork above her bed but for now the white wooden framed picture of these two newlyweds looks cute :)
When we were trying to figure out where to place the bed in the room.... it was a tough call. This room is really tiny and she really wanted it to feel bigger and have room for the large dresser. We opted to put it on right side of the room and the dresser on the left. I leaves some floor space and makes the room look larger.
Before and after.... huge difference don't you think?

The gray really made this small space come alive....along with fun pops of orange pillows. I think that is a key when decorating a small space is to keep it simple and when using dark colors add in pops of color and use white trim so it will really stand out.
Small space decorating, painting small space gray

I would love to know your thoughts on this room and what you like or don't like.

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