Corn Husk Fall Wreath Quick Tutorial - The Style Sisters

Corn Husk Fall Wreath Quick Tutorial

By The Style Sisters - Sunday, September 20, 2015

Corn Husk Wreath tutorial, The Style Sisters

I recently saw this idea on HowDoesShe and whipped one up. I love how it turned out!  My daughter helped me decorate my mantle and hung it up for me while making a periscope. You can watch the periscope video below of my mantle and see the wreath in LIVE action :)

To make the wreath
Supplies needed-
1 foam wreath (dollar store)
1 package Dried corn husks (grocery store)
1 bag floral pins
Optional supplies- Glue gun and glue sticks

I opened the package of corn husks and separated the corn husks.... On the How Does She blog she suggests soaking the corn husks but I used them right out of the package and did not soak them and they worked out great. Then you rip each corn stalk into 3 or so pieces until you have a stack of strips..they naturally have a wide end and a skinny pointed end.

Corn husk wreath tutorial, The Style Sisters

I used large floral pins because that was what I had on hand but apparently there are short floral pins and I think those would work better...less to push into the foam wreath.

 I started on the center front area and used 3-4 strips wide end at the bottom and kind of fanned them out as I pushed the floral pin in making sure to catch all strips. Then I put the next set of 3-4 strips on the inside and then repeated it on the outside striving to overlap pins to cover them to create some fullness. In areas that look a little empty I hot glued extra pieces to cover the holes.
Corn husk wreath tutorial, The Style Sisters

I really love how it looks on my door or on my mantle. I would love to know if any of you end of making one for your home so leave me a comment. 

 Corn husk wreath tutorial, The style Sisters
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