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Wild Kratts birthday party games and tutorials!

By The Style Sisters - Thursday, May 08, 2014

Last week I posted all about my grandsons Wild Kratts Birthday Party check out these fun games and tutorials.

Creature Power Games

Cheetah Racers tag
Bass Powers
Bursting butterfly
Bug hunt
Polar bear jump
Platypus egg carry
Wild Kratts birthday party games, kids games
Cheetah Racers- tails - felt cheetah print and brown or black wool rovin
Cheetah racer game, kids games, wild Kratts birthday party
Cut out Cheetah Tails from felt cheetah print fabric.
Sew on fluffy part of tail using brown rovin (avail at craft stores)
Sew or glue on Velcro to the backs of tails to attach to power suits.
Have kids chase each other and try to grab a tail from one another.
Cheetah racers game, wild Kratts birthday party
Bass Powers- Gummy worm fishing
We used large knitting needles as "fishing poles" and tied yarn to it. At the end of the string we tied on a clothes pin to hold the gummy worms
Gummy worm fishing, wild Kratts birthday party
Two kids at a time...tell them to put their arms behind their backs
Wild Kratts birthday party games
On your mark, get set, go! They each run to a string and try to bite the worm off the clothes pin.
Bursting Butterfly Game
Rolls of toilet paper - Adult "helpers"
The helpers wrap the kids in toilet paper and once they are wrapped in their "cocoons" they get to burst out of the toilet paper.
Bug catching game
Dollar store bug catchers and dollar store plastic bugs
Hide the bugs around the yard and send the kids out to find them
Polar Bear Jump
Place towels or something on the ground and have kids jump from one ice floe to the next
Platypus Egg Carry
Have kids carry hard boiled eggs from one area to their nest.
Coming up next how to make the power suits and the cute Tortuga cake!!
Sooo much fun !!!

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  1. TOO CUTE!

    I hope I one day have gbabies!!!

    Those children are adorable - thanks for all the excellent ideas!

    1. Michelle there is nothing like being Grandma :) hope you have grandkids soon. Happy Mother's Day :)

  2. What a fun party!!! I think we may need to do this as a playdate this summer!

    1. Shelly... What a great idea to create a super fun play date like this in summer! The kids will be in heaven! Let me know if you do this and how it goes :)

  3. Thanks for your comment ... I followed back :)

  4. Thanks for the ideas! My son has a fall birthday and I have been looking for indoor game ideas.

  5. I think we may need to do this as a playdate this summer
    wild kratts game



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