4 ways to use dough bowls - Easter bowls - Gift giving bowls - The Style Sisters

4 ways to use dough bowls - Easter bowls - Gift giving bowls

By The Style Sisters - Wednesday, January 10, 2024

How to use hand carved dough bowls 4 ways! 

I love these hand carved wooden dough bowls because they are so versatile! 
You can use them to decorate your home, organize things like your car keys and wallets on your bedroom dresser, use it as an Easter Basket. The possibilities are endless! 

 Watch my video to see my ideas

More ideas for dough bowls

I love the pastel color of this bowl. The light blue color is perfect for a beach theme and for Easter. 

It looks so cute with Easter eggs and candles 

You can turn it into a candle. We will be selling these on my shop soon! 

Turn the bowls into a gift for family or friends. Fill it with bath bombs, a fun scrubby and a scented candle.  Wrap it up in cellophane and tie a pretty bow and it makes for a nice gift! 

I just love the simplicity of the bowls filled with pastel colored eggs for Easter. 

Come over to my shop on Karins Kottage and see more trays, 2 tier stands, and lots of different hand carved bowls. 

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