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Update on my nephew- miracles are happening!!

By The Style Sisters - Friday, May 30, 2014

Hi all my sweet blogging friends... I wanted to give you all this amazing update on my sweet nephew..this is from the facebook page https://www.facebook.com/groups/656037147811028/permalink/659364180811658/

Truly prayers work and miracles have not ceased. The outpouring of love and prayers from people all over the world for Weston is overwhelming. There is such goodness in the world!

Weston really pulled his weight today and surprised us with some fantastic stuff! We had at least 4 or 5 moments of him opening his eyes, and even though it was a pretty glassy look in those eyes, we were THRILLED!! He had to work really hard to get the eyes open, and you could see him scrunching his face working so hard to do it. I'll post a video clip of the time when he opened them this evening, and he must have had them open for close to a MINUTE! We later realized we were acting like 4-year-olds at a circus or something, being just ridiculous in his face, and he wasn’t the least bit amused. But we were just that excited about it.

Another time, we kept talking to him, and he literally just got the biggest smile on his face! Call it reflex, call it an epic comedy movie in his head, either way he was HAPPY! (Cue Pharrell right now…. )

Later this evening the Vivint boys all came over for a visit. Alex brought his mandolin and played a bit for Weston, until the quiet-police nurse came and told us to keep it down. She must not have ANY appreciation for my son’s music. But Liz recorded it, and we’ll play it for Weston again.

Weston’s final party trick was the best one yet. Alex kept doing this fancy handshake with him, and told him to pound fists at the end. He honestly put his hand into a fist and held it out for the fist pound. TWICE. Next, they had a thumb war, and Weston did a pretty good job of participating. It was amazing. And awesome. And were FREAKING OUT. And HAPPY! This is a picture of Weston and his beautiful precious mom who continues to be a rock for Weston and her entire family.

Weston with the precious man (and his wife) who drove the truck that hit the car with Weston in it. He is such a loving man and has been there every day to see how Liz and Weston are doing, bringing them food, gift cards, learning about Weston and his family.

Weston and his best friend Alex and co workers from Vivint coming to support him.
Alex playing for his buddy. Both he and Weston are incredible musicians and have won many contests playing guitar and mandolin and singing!

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  1. Still praying for your sweet nephew! I have been following his progress, on Facebook, since your last post. He is making amazing strides! I can tell that he and his family are well loved! Just know that I am keeping him in my prayers.

  2. Oh my heart and prayers are with everyone. We went through a very difficult TBI with my grandson. God is so good and performs miracles every day. I know he is healing your nephew one step at a time. God Bless. I will continue to pray.

  3. My prayers are with you and your family... It's going to be a long road to recovery but it's comforting to know God is with him every step of the way.

  4. I'm speechless . . .
    Keeping Weston and family in my thoughts and prayers.
    a bug hug,



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