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Photo display ideas for the bathroom

By The Style Sisters - Monday, January 27, 2014

Photo Display Ideas for the Bathroom
Guest post by My Bathrooms
The bathroom is used by almost everyone who comes into the home and probably sees the highest foot traffic of any room in the home as people constantly trail in and out in search of relief, clean hands or a freshly powdered nose. Where better, then, to place a display of up-to-date family photographs and other photos of your interest like abstract pictures or so on, in order to ensure that they are seen and admired by all?

Frame Them All
Frame Them All

Hang a collection of picture frames in a cluster on one wall of the bathroom to create a unique display of family pictures or your most favorite photos. Before you race off to buy frames for precious and irreplaceable photographs, do make sure that you choose good quality frames that can be tightly sealed to prevent damp seeping into the pictures and ruining them. If possible, scan the photographs onto a computer and print out some copies to hang in the bathroom so that your precious originals can be kept safe and sound in a photo album. To have an idea of photos display while you are updating your bathroom you can check out this DIY Basement Bathroom.
Make ‘Em Useful!
Combine your favorite photos with a useful feature like a towel hook. There are a great range of ready-made accessories that come ready to use with an empty space into which you can fit your photographs or pictures, thereby combining attractive and interesting pictures with useful and practical bathroom accessories: the best of both worlds.

Photo Printing

Just as it is possible to have favorite photos transferred onto cushions, t-shirts and coffee mugs, so too it is feasible to have an extra-large image of the family printed onto a shower curtain to create a wonderfully dramatic look for your bathroom. You can opt for a color image if you prefer bright colors and feel thatcolor will pick out the details better, but translating the image into black and white will give the shower curtain a professional monochrome air. Photo Shower Curtain offers washable fabric shower curtains on which they print your pictures.

Panel People!

Bathroom wall panels are a great way to tidy up rough or damaged wall surfaces. They also provide a great surface on which pictures can be mounted, hung or even superimposed. Display a wonderful montage of photographs on your wall panels to instantly draw the eye of everyone who enters the room, creating an instant focal point. For wall paneling and wallpaneling accessories do have a look at My Bathrooms, they have some great options which are really budget friendly.
Pick and choose from the above suggestions according to your budget and inclinations to create the perfect look for your bathroom décor. By working towards your ideal bathroom by buying small odds and ends and accessories over time you will be able to eventually achieve the right look for your home and family without breaking the bank or exceeding the decorating budget.

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