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Disney's Frozen's Olaf Snowman Punch Bowl

By The Style Sisters - Saturday, January 11, 2014

Disney's movie Frozen is so adorable and I just love the snowman named Olaf..so I created this fun punch bowl using mostly melted chocolate....perfect for a child's winter party.
The bowl Is a simple fish bowl from Walmart.
Olaf snowman punch bowl diy, snowman punch bowl, Disney frozen movie
To make the carrot nose.... I used decorating icing by Wilton...it is the easiest to work with and if I make Olaf again I would probably use all frosting instead of melted chocolate to create the face..as the melted chocolate was a little tricky to work with. I think you could also use glass marking pens....the kind that washes off and have would have more control.
After creating the nose I melted some white chocolate chips in the microwave to create the white eyes.
Using my ring finger I painted on the melted chocolate in circles for the eyes....(later I realized I had the eyes too far apart) so I redid them and made the eyes a lot closer together.
Next I melted the semi sweet chocolate chips in the microwave to make the iris, eyebrows, mouth and circles around each eye for definition. Oh and don't forget his white tooth!
I tried using a paint brush but the chocolate gummed up because the glass is cold and the chocoate hardened quickly....I found using my finger worked the best. I did use the end of the paint bruch to dab chocolate in small areas around the eyes.
Olaf snowman, Disney's frozen movie, kid parties, snowman
For the drinking bottles- I used some clean old root beer bottles, powdered sugar donut holes, straws, mini chocolate chips and Mike and Ikes candies for noses. I made holes for the eyes and nose area with a toothpick and stuck the candies into the holes. For the scarf I wrapped orange fluffy trim around the neck of the bottles.
Donut holes, Olaf, Disney's frozen movie snowman
Just to show you how some things don't go as planned...my niece and I were trying to figure out a way to make the donut hole Snowman look more like Olaf...LOL this is how he turned out....he looks like he could be his evil twin!! We laughed so hard...but thought it would make great costume ideas for Halloween...turn Disney characters into evil twins muaaahhhh
My niece redeemed herself by painting Olaf on the outside of the bottle with the melted chocolate. Sami is such An amazing artist!
Olaf, chocolate painted Olaf, food art, Disney's frozen movie
You may remember my snowman punch bowl from years back, here is the link to see more pics ...you could make a more traditional snowman face if creating Olaf's face is too hard.
Snowman punch bowl, Olaf
You could serve an ice cream punch or even just milk in your Olaf snowman punch bowl...if you serve hot chocolate be prepared to sing Olaf's song "In Summer" because he will start melting right before your eyes. Wouldn't this be a fun party for summer and serve melting snowman cookies!
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  1. That is so cute and such a great idea! You and your niece have serious talent! laurie



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