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Fashion Friday for 50 something's

By The Style Sisters - Thursday, January 09, 2014

It's the start of something new and fun here on the Style Sisters...

FASHION FRIDAY'S for 50 something's!

Fashion Fridays for 50 something's, modest fashion, cute fashion

Since this blog is called The Style Sisters I figured why not share fashion too. I enjoy fashion but it can be frustrating to try to find clothes that are cute, modest and affordable and even if I do find all three of those things it still may not look so great on a 50 something gal...anybody else know what I am talking about? I'm going to be very honest... I have a round belly mixed with some lovely back fat and I am extremely short waisted so certain styles draw attention to those areas. I could end up looking like a round bellied Steve Urkel from Family Matters if I am not careful LOL .

First off I love COLOR I always makes me feel happy. Here is a purple, turqoise, green and pink patterned sweater I found on clearance at Target and I paired it with a pink silky tank top from Banana Republic outlet that I found a few years ago..I love the combination! I left the bottom buttons unbuttoned to let the pink tank show thru and to help camoflouge the belly area. You can see the button is pulling a bit :( but I am working out to loose a few inches..wish me luck.

Fashion Friday for 50 something's, over 50's fashion, fun with fashion
Also because I am very short waisted I try to give the illusion of a longer upper body by wearing cardigans and leaving them open to create longer looking lines. If this sweater were say a crew neck...I would look like a fullback! Thick all across my upper body...but I could wear a solid color scarf tied so that the ends would hang down and thereby help give the illusion of length...does that make sense???

Fashion finds, target clearance, fashion friday for 50 something's
Another option is to leave the sweater completely unbuttoned (and really hold in my stomach) or find fabrics that don't cling to the body but float away from the body....once again camouflaging the round belly.

I have very short hair so I like to wear dangling fact when I got all ready my husband looked at me and said..."You have on your big winter boots and your blingy earrings??" I said "yes...that's what all the winter mountain women are wearing these days" hehehe Really I just wanted to have some fun! Life is too short not to wear a little bling... Don't you agree?

Here is the whole outfit...complete with granny glasses...anybody else's eyes gone bad fast??? Sheesh I can't take it! I had to laugh watching my sister who is almost 12 years younger than I am do the trombone move to try and read something...LOL that made feel better...I am not alone!

Well there you have first Fashion Friday! I would love to know some of your secrets for camouflaging your problem areas so please leave a comment and share.

PS I will have better pics in the future...I am not so great at taking selfies..yet...LOL.


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  1. That's cute, you look great! I have similar problems right now and my hair is short as well, oh and I need the granny glasses.
    Sigh. I am always struggling with jeans right now, but the levi's curvy ones seem to do the best!

    1. Thanks Cindy! I will have to try the curvy ones and see how they work. I don't like my granny glasses but I seriously can't see without them...I am so glad they make them cute now :)

  2. I enjoyed your post and will be back to see more...I'll have to try the levi curvy jeans and I love dangley earrings too!

    1. Thank you for stopping by I hope my fashion posts will get better and better :)

    2. Cold water creek has some very comfortable flattering jeans. You will pay a little more but they wash great and won't make you feel like a granny.

  3. So cute that it shouldn't be limited to 50 somethings! :) I wrote a post on my fashion finds this past Wednesday. Stop by. :)


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