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Fashion Friday- Denim shirt

By The Style Sisters - Friday, January 17, 2014

Today I am showing off my favorite jcrew denim shirt that is very versatile and so comfortable with a really nice cut to it that is flattering for anyone. It works like a tunic for me because I am short waisted and it covers my derrière :)

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I am wearing it over some black leggings that seem to be all the rage...they are super comfortable and look great with flats or boots. I chose to wear the large rhinestone necklace also from jcrew (I scored getting it on Black for a deal!) I love how it looks peeking out under the button up shirt.

I added a scarf here to create a longer look to my torso..(I am very short waisted as you know if you read last weeks post HERE) My Forever 21 blue purse that I got for only $6.00!!! I love me a deal!! This blue purse goes with everything.

Since it is a bit cold out today I borrowed my daughters mustard colored coat and I like how it ties in all the colors colors of the scarf, denim and black leggings. I think using a pattern scarf with solids is a nice way to bring in texture and interest.

I asked my hubby to help me out by snapping a few pics..which is always a scary he cannot take good pics! They turn out blurry or he takes it when I'm not ready, too close or too far away, does not mention my hair needs fixing...etc... Well he got into it today pretending to be a "photographer"

I couldn't stop laughing because he just kept snapping tons of pictures and would say things like..."pretend your a think of a volcano..let's see some it" the pictures were face looked so contorted I promptly removed those and kept my laughing one below...even though it looks like I have 3 neck rolls.... LOL oh my gosh I am dying laughing as I write this!

He is a nut!

Do you love denim shirts and if so what is your favorite way of dressing it up?

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  1. Love this!! Looks comfy yet pulled together... Have a nice weekend! Vicki


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