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Make your own chalkboard!

By The Style Sisters - Thursday, March 06, 2008

Items needed:
Cupboard door any size
Chalkboard paint (can be bought at
Regular spray paint any color
Something to hang it with either ribbon or twine
Staple Gun to attach staples to the ribbon or twine to the back of the board
This is the easiest thing in the world to make! First you start off with a cupboard door any size (these can be found at places like Habitat for Humanity, thrift shops or cabinet shops). Then you need to sand the door a little bit. You then spray paint the outside part of the door and let it dry. Next paint the inside part of the door with chalkboard paint (the kind you paint on with a brush) Try to do it as neatly as you can. Then once that dries, attach the ribbon or twine to the back with a staple gun (Do this by tying a knot with the ribbon and then staple right above that so that it stays in place. You are now done and ready to enjoy your new chalkboard!!!

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