By The Style Sisters - Saturday, March 29, 2008

I always wanted a room where I could spread out all my sewing/craft stuff when working on a project and not have to worry about getting it all cleaned up before dinner. My sewing room almost always encompassed the kitchen or dinning room table. I feel very fortunate to have this nice room now.... with a large window where I not only sew.... but scrapbook (if the mood strikes me), wrap gifts, have storage for my tons of magazines and all my crafting/sewing supplies.

Recently I decided to organize it and here are my before and after photos.

Before (nothing organized) Mishmash of papers and books and junk!

Ahhh....Cleaned up and organized...ready for action. It may not be the perfect "Pottery Barn" look but it works for me.
Fabric easily accessible Magazines neatly stored in cupboard

Shelving from Lowe's, Baskets from Walmart.

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  1. WOW mom that looks amazing! I love the way you have made everything so simple and easy! I looks amazing.


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