A little something from my craft room... - The Style Sisters

A little something from my craft room...

By The Style Sisters - Saturday, March 29, 2008

Didn't my sister do a great job on her re-do craft room?? So I have a craft room too, only it is super duper skinny and it's also my laundry room. So I have put up many shelves to hold all of my "stuff". But some containers that I can't live without are these silver beauties from one of my fav places, IKEA! They are super cheap but yet so cute to have on display! I also got their magazine holders which work great for mags or for paper! I also use many baskets of all shapes and sizes to hold things. I love to organize! Sometimes my family thinks I am a little freakish because I am always trying to organize something!! But it makes me feel so good when it's done! Have a great night and remember to check back with us daily for fun new ideas!! Have a wonderful day! ~Tiffany

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