By The Style Sisters - Saturday, March 08, 2008

REAL!! REAL LIFE.....That is what we are talking about today. We have all seen the beautiful layouts in magazines and books with photos of spectacular homes that look like no one lives there! You know what I mean....nothing out of place, all the furniture looks new and never been sat in, beautiful fabrics are used throughout the home including the kitchen chairs (where four year olds sit!!) and bathrooms (again where toddlers like to play in the sink and make messes) !! There is never one piece of paper laying on a counter or a desk, never any pencil drawn on the walls, never a sticky lollipop found on the perfectly made bed! HELLO!!! who has a home like that? (Oh I know who does....the plastic people with all the newly acquired fake parts, injected skin and chemicalized insides, you know the ones....with maids and nanny's) We, THE REAL PEOPLE, have real homes where people live everyday lives dealing with such imperfections like.... dishes on the counter, clothes laying on the floor that someone forgot to hang up, papers on the desk...on the counter.....on the fridge....etc... Sound familiar? The REAL PEOPLE have lots of laugh lines (a.k.a. wrinkles), our plastic parts are in the kitchen or garage and we usually can be seen with lots of little children running around the town or with a cleaning rag in one hand and the cell phone in the other! We at The Style Sisters are REAL PEOPLE living REAL LIVES.... Sure..... we want our homes to be beautiful, hip, comfortable, warm, places to come home to at the end of the day....We want what we call the "cuteness factor going on" but we usually have very small or no budgets to get it that we end up using our inventive resourcefulness and come up with ways to be creative by spending little or no money to get that "cuteness factor going on"! We will be sharing many of our ideas, tips and patterns here on our blog and on our website at along with all the things that really motivate fabulous books, magazines, home decor and items that are unique and fun. Plus we will also share with you some really cool shops as we go out and about in our towns and different places from all over the world ( the one who hates to fly will be getting in airplanes traveling the world over looking for amazing shops and trinkets that have the "cuteness factor going on" and sharing it with all of you!) Sheesh....The things I do for all of my "REAL PEOPLE" friends out there on the web! Any way that is about all for now...hope you enjoy your day and remember to CELEBRATE EVERYDAY LIFE by BEING REAL!!

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