Our Local Farmers Market - The Style Sisters

Our Local Farmers Market

By The Style Sisters - Monday, September 29, 2014

We have a local Farmers Market very close to our home and I love it!
Local farmer markets

They recently added on and it looks amazing inside!

Farmers market, fresh vegetables

There was lots of great produce to choose from

Farmers market, fresh produce

Their corn is so sweet and delicious!

We grabbed some of their enormous green peppers! I wish I could grow green peppers that big!

Fresh green beans are just so delicious sautéed with a little bacon and onions...mmmmm good

Fresh green beans, farmers market

I was so excited to grab 4 bundles of their dried cornstalks to decorate my front porch

Corn stalks, farmers market

My hubby.....was not too excited to put them in the car...they crumble easy and get everywhere. He said, "why are we paying for the farmers garbage"? I said, "oh hun....it will look so cute on the porch and we are supporting the farmer by purchasing any of his goods" Hubby- "grumble grumble" but he put them in the car and he helped me decorate the porch...pictures to come.

He is so awesome :)

Support your local farmers :)



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  1. I absolutely love going to our local Farmer's Market! It runs from Mid-May to Mid-October, so there are only another 2 weeks until it's over...so sad! I really do prefer to buy the fresh produce and goods from the local farmers and vendors. I have been freezing and canning many of my purchases from there over the past month or so. I want my family to be able to still enjoy at least a little of the local produce over the winter months to come.

  2. I love going to the farmers market!



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