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Disneyland Trip tips

By The Style Sisters - Monday, September 15, 2014

Disneyland and California Adventure Theme Parks
(Tips at the bottom)
Haha yep that's me in the top left corner with my hair all crazy and my arms outstretched...what a blast we had in this ride in Disney California Adventure! Radiator Springs Racer is seriously a fun and thrilling ride...my grandkids....actually the whole family loved this ride...we went on it 3 or 4 times!!
Disney California adventure trip tips
We started our trip flying into Orange County...my littlest grandson did really great sitting on our laps!
From the airport we headed directly to Disneyland! It was sooo stinkin hot! In the high nineties no breeze and it was humid :( but we loved every minute of it! My daughter Madeline her hubby and their beautiful children :)
Let's get on some rides!
It was our first time to California Adventure and it was AWESOME! I am still amazed at how they have brought Pixar cartoons to life! Radiator springs blew us away with all the details from the movie Cars! Cozy Cone hotel...actually little mini cone restaurants.
Cozy cone motel radiator springs
Cozy cone souvenir cups, cozy cone in radiator springs, cars movie
Red fire truck from cars, Disney California Adventure park
Calvin loved to try on all the hats inside the Disney shops
Disneyland Toystory woody hat
So did his dad :) they love pirates!
Splash Mountain was also a total blast...it was close to closing time and so we got to go on it and then ran around and got right back on!! Seriously that never happens!
The classic It's A Small World...looks the same as always although they are doing some renovations.
Our little princess!..Ella was so excited to get an Elsa dress and crown! That smile says it all!
Tea cups!! Louis was not sure about any of this lol
Grizzly River Run...another super fun thrilling ride we all loved!
Maters "teacups" we were laughing so hard!
The other fabulous thing is the World of Color...dancing fountains, lights and music...it outstanding!!!
Don't miss out ion this show you get the chance to go!!
Just a fun time to be together as a family :)
(Madeline figured all of this out)
1. To save a little on food costs my daughter brought TONS of snacks and refillable water bottles. The restaurants will give you cups of ice and water for free! The first day off the plane we ate at McDonalds right next to park for early lunch, they have wrap sandwiches as well as other healthy choices so much cheaper than eating in the park. We did buy a snack and dinner in the park. Next day we packed a lunch of PB and J's and ate pizza in the park for dinner.
2. Get the app Disneyland mouse wait. It let's you know the wait times on every ride and restaurant for both parks!
3. Traveling with small kids in strollers use the rider swap pass available at every ride. Ask for it when you get in line allows those who stay with small kids to get in line faster after the first riders come back...works like a fast pass.
4. Use fast passes to allow you to go other places and come back later and you get to go in the fast pass line instead of waiting in big long lines. Assign someone to go get the fast passes while others are on a ride with the little ones.
5. Go to The parks off season...the lines were a breeze!
6. To save money purchase Disney clothes, trinkets, etc before you go and give to the kids as surprises during the trip much cheaper. (We did not do this but a great idea)
7. It was tough on the little guy... 18 month olds do not like most of the rides and he did not take any naps in stroller :( but he did really great! If we had stayed at a nearby hotel it would have been easier to take him back to hotel for nap.
8. Most importantly have a blast...we sure did!
9. Bring Sunscreen! Wear lightweight clothing, very comfortable walking shoes, sunglasses, hats etc.. Drink lots of water especially in hot seasons. We sweat our guys out.
10. Most of all have a total blast, take lots of pictures and bring your phone chargers!
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