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Epic 75th Surprise Birthday Party!

By The Style Sisters - Thursday, September 04, 2014

Epic 75th Surprise Party!!
Epic 75th birthday party, French themed party
So much to tell you about this Epic 75th Surprise Birthday Party! I felt like I was making a movie
Scene one- The smoke screen: Fool my mom into thinking that neither my sister or I could travel to be there for her birthday "Sorry mom, we can't be there for your birthday but I have a surprise for you (Surprise #1) I have scheduled you a massage! I hope you enjoy your day...we sure wish we could be there to celebrate" well....as fate would have it.....she ended up hurting a rib :( so she had to cancel the appointment and reschedule it.
Moving on to scene 2- the 2nd Surprise! Lunch, Pedicure and Shopping distraction. I previously had coordinated with my sister in law Liz, two neice's and my Aunt Susan to take mom to lunch. They took her to a beautiful restaurant that overlooks St. George and has delicious food and they had a fabulous time! Then my Aunt Susan takes her to get a pedicure...did I mention my mom has super ticklish feet? LOL apparently she squealed only a few times :) Aunt Susan had to stall a little bit longer before Carl, my stepdad picks her up for dinner so she took her on a little shopping trip. This is all happening while my sister is driving from Colorado...8 hours mind you! and my family and I are driving from Salt Lake to St. George about 41/2 hours.
Scene 3- Surprise #3 The Surprise dinner!I had been texting all of our 20 or so family members for days about times and places and to meet for dinner at Bucca Di Peppos at exactly 5:30 because she would get there at 5:45. Everyone agrees and is there on time wahoo! Meanwhile after the shopping with Aunt Susan, Carl picks up my mom and says he has reservations for dinner at Bucca Di Peppos...my mom does not want to go there!! LOL the plot thickens... Carl has to think fast....he tells her " I know it's your birthday but I have already made reservations so let's just go there ok?" mom agrees somewhat unhappily. Back at the restaurant everyone is seated except for Tiffany, my family and I...we decide to hide and come out later. Mom enters the room and everyone yells surprise!
Surprise #4 My sister her youngest son and my family and I walk in and totally surprise her! Cute mom started to squeal and then cry when she saw us! It was the best!
Scene 5- Set up Dessert Pool Party! - My sister and I ate dinner super fast and then we told mom..."we gotta go....we will see you in a little while"...she said "WHAT?? You just got here!"...I said "I know but we will see you in a bit" so my daughter Emily, my niece Sami and my sister and I take off to go set up the dessert party by the pool at the hotel we were staying at. One little problem....on the way to St George I get a call from the hotel stating that because of heavy rains earlier in the week the pool area was muddy so we would have to use the hotel next door! WHAT???....I was thinking to myself...oh geez I wonder what that pool area looks like? Well much to my surprise it was gorgeous!! They were so helpful and great to work with.
Since mom loves all things French and feminine I went with a black, white and pink color scheme. I purchased most of the decor from a local party store called Zuchers here in Salt Lake. I played around with it at home..hoping it would all work out when I got to the hotel! I had never seen the pool/patio area so it was a total guess as to how things would look. We had about 30 minutes to get everything ready before everyone else arrived.
On the small rounds I happened to find black and white wrapping paper that matched the fabric and rolled some down the center of each table. The wind started to pick up so we had to hold it down with some rocks until we had vases to put on the tables.
Before dinner we had gone to the hotel to get some of the things ready but we couldn't put anything on the tables so we staged things in a separate room so once we got there we could just plop it on the tables. It took us the full 30 minutes to pull it all together.
Epic 75th surprise birthday party #epic75thsurpriseparty
My niece made these centerpieces for the round tables....they turned out so pretty! Sami had to make them while we were setting up everything and she managed to get the last one made right before my mom walked in...crazy times I'm telling you!
#epic75thsurprisebirthdayparty, surprise
Scene 6- The Pool Side Dessert Surprise! Mom walked in and saw the dessert table and about 30 more friends and family! I think she was blown away :) it just makes me giggle when I see her face!
More tears of joy! :)
Scene 7- The Finale.....for her last surprise we handed her and Carl keys to their hotel room that was right next to ours for two nights! We had the best time EVER! Relaxing, sitting by the pool, laughing and enjoying every moment.
#epic75thsurprisebirthdayparty, Epic 75th surprise birthday party
All the details about the food and decorations will be on the blog tomorrow so come on by and say Hi :)
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  1. What a beautiful birthday !! You are such a good daughter ...and family - everything looks beautiful - especially the happy smile on your Mom :)

  2. WOW I am sure your Mom was totally in shock from all the surprises! Beautiful Mom and great family makes great memories. Hats off to you and your sisters (and families)

  3. I LOVED this post! What a cute family and Mom you have. Such a sweet celebration. Reminds me of my Mom and a big birthday she has coming up. Your Mom is blessed to have you and your sister as daughters and I'm SURE she is a huge blessing to you! Loved the eiffel tower centerpiece and the fact you all got to hang out at the pool for a couple days. Thank you for sharing such a happy time!



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