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Wardrobe Stylist Alicia Richmond

By The Style Sisters - Saturday, March 01, 2014

Do ever look in your closet and say... I have nothing to wear? Or maybe you put on on outfit and look in the mirror and know something doesn't look right but you can't put yout your finger on it? Well let me introduce you to Alicia Richmond wardrobe Stylist from Chic On A Shoestring! Alicia works with the everyday woman and has for 15 years now!

Alicia Richmond, chic on a shoestring, wardrobe stylist, fashion expert,
Alicia Richmond chic on a shoestring

Alicia is the mother of 4 children and is well aware with how our bodies change after we have kids...she is so down to earth and cute! I had the opportunity to work with her on Thursday and I can't tell you how valuable her knowledge is. I realized how to dress my body, how to play up my best features and stop wasting my money on the wrong types of clothing.

Alicia is offering a special promotion just for the Style Sister readers today only!!

This sale ends tonight at midnight...here is the link http://www.chiconashoestring.com/the-style-sisters-discount.html that will take you to see all the great ways she can help. For example, Alicia can come to YOU and your closet, or go shopping with you and or a group of your friends and help you shop to dress YOUR body or she can help guide you through what would look best on you ONLINE!! There are so many fun options. Head on over and see what she has to offer...it is soooo fun and so worth it!!!


Karin :)


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