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European Pillow Sham Tutorial

By The Style Sisters - Monday, March 17, 2014

My sister recently completed her master bedroom makeover and I am so excited to share her ideas and tutorials with you! Tiffany did the entire makeover using thrift store furniture, garage sale furniture and sewing and painting almost everything herself!! It looks Amazing! The big reveal of the entire room will be in my couple of weeks...until then I will be sharing her tutorials for sewing projects, painting furniture tutorials and cool wall art ideas! Stay tuned for some serious inspiration!
First off can I just say that my sister is so talented and creative and knows thrift store and garage sale shopping like no one else I have ever known!! Tiff has an eye and scores everytime she goes shopping!! Tiffany found these European pillows at a thrift store years ago and they were in mint condition and she has changed the look of them by purchasing different cover for them but this time she whipped up some super easy pillow sham covers out of this pretty Amy butler fabric.
European pillow sham tutorial, make your own pillow case with tabs, red pillow case, Amy butler fabric

Pillowcase tutorial
First she took the fabric and laid the pillow on it and figured out how much she would need to cover the pillow and added extra for seams and hemming. Sewed up the edges and hemmed the opening...simple easy straight stitching on the sewing machine....if you have ever taken a Sewing class in school you can do thIs! Ok pillow case is made.... now on to the cute tabs.
There are 8 tabs per pillow
Measure 8 strips of fabric 91/2 inches long and 4 inches wide
On one short side and both long sides of each piece, turn under 1/4 and iron.
Sewing tabs on pillow case
Then fold the entire piece in half the long way so the ironed edges are inside. Sew starting on the turned in short side and continue down the long side. Leave on short edge raw open..(you will be sewing this edge to the pillow) ok one tab is made! Repeat this process for all the tabs.
Attaching the tabs to pillows...decide the spacing you would like to have between your tabs and pin the tabs to underneath side of the pillow...line them up to match each other for tying nicely...and sew right over the sewn hem stitching (this picture below does not show it sewn yet). Continue until all tabs are sewn onto the pillow case. You are done!
Sewing tabs on pillow case, pillow case tutorial, European pillow sham tutorial
Sneak peek of pillows on my sisters bed!! I bet you can't wait to see more!!!!

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  1. neato! looks easy so maybe i can do it lol pinning :)

    1. You totally can do is so easy and it really can make a difference in the look of your room. I hope you will try it!


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