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Roller Coaster Rides and Sewing???

By The Style Sisters - Thursday, March 06, 2014

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I come from a long line of women who fact I have sewing machines from both my grandma and my great grandma and I treasure them. My grandmother was an incredible seamstress and would sew all my moms clothes, costumes and formal dance wear. My mom is also a fabulous seamstress and sewed a lot of my clothes growing up. When my mom was newly married she decided to try her hand at sewing a velvet dress for herself...she got so frustrated with that she wadded the whole thing into a ball and sewed it up into a mess and threw it away...I think I take after her as I totally have a love/hate relationship with sewing!
I feel like I am on a roller coaster ride when I begin a new sewing project! I get all giddy with excitement and even bit nervous right before my "ride" starts. I love the process of choosing the sewing project..whether it is a tutorial I found online or a store bought pattern I found...I begin to see it in my mind all completed, looking so cute for the person I made it for.. or maybe it is something for my imagination is on fire at this point just like how you might feel right before you step into your seat for your roller coaster ride. After you take your seat, the ride operator gives you some instructions and you begin to is exciting!
I begin to read the pattern instructions and supply list for my project, I start the process of looking for just the right fabric, picking out new thread, elastic, trims even new sewing machine needles!! I am so excited I can't wait to get home to start creating! Then as you all know....when riding on a roller coaster there is a big hill to takes effort for the roller coaster train to start up the hill and climb to the very top! The same is true for my sewing starts out pretty easy but then it sometimes turns into real effort as I may make a few mistakes like sewing part of it the wrong way and it's time to unpick!!!
Then once that is done I begin sewing along and then the thread breaks and I have to stop and rethread the machine and start again...only to find out I have no thread on my bobbin! I must unthread the machine and change it so it can wind the bobbin..(thank heavens for automatic bobbin winding...I once had a machine that was old and I had to HAND WIND the bobbin uh huh that was fun!) Once again I rethread the machine and start sewing only to find the fabric may or may not have been too thick and the needle breaks! Oh and did I mention I have "more mature eyes" now and I CAN'T SEE the blasted eye in the needle to thread it very easily! I have to find my granny glasses...which of course were hiding on my head the whole time!! LOL Uuurrghhgh frustration sets in..but I am determined to do this!! I start chanting..."I think I can...I think I can..I know I can!" FINALLY....I get through all that with a few more unpicking situations and I am onto the zipper...sheesh why can I not get it right the first time?? It never seems to line up perfectly..EVER! I chugged up the hill and now I can finally see the view from the top of the hill!!
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And now for the thrilling part......wahoooo..(my arms are up and flying around)'s done! I did it! And it looks awesome and best of all my precious granddaughter will love it! Wheeeeeee I love this part!
It's all worth it in the end even though the ride was twistyturny and up and was thrilling!
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