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Thrift store desk and file cabinet makeovers- PAINT

By The Style Sisters - Monday, March 24, 2014

Last Monday I shared a European pillow sham tutorial from my sisters bedroom makeover and now I am sharing another installment of her makeover...bringing thrift store furniture to life! This desk and filing cabinet are now in her bedroom but take a peek at what this desk used to look like!
Here is this bad boy before Tiff rescued it from her local Thrift store.....ugly mugly don't you think? Missing a drawer, dirty, beat up etc.. I think she paid $30.00 bucks for it..the knobs were pretty cute so we got this desk lifted up into her suburban with the help of some men from the thrift store and after she got it home she turned it into a masterpiece.
First she painted it white and put it in kitchen..sooo cute!! Look at the details of the didn't even notice them before it was painted all white and pretty! Tiffany didn't skip a beat with the fact that a drawer was missing...she simply took out the other drawer and found some cute baskets to put in their places. Brilliant!
Then she moved it into her sewing room and used it in here for her computer desk and added the cute paper flowers above she made following this tutorial, and she also found this frame for $3.00 and made a pin board to go above it. The office chair she found for free and recovered it! You can see the tutorial here. Is she AMAZING or what!!
Tiffany loves to move things around so she now has moved this desk to her bedroom and covered the top with fabric...just stapling the fabric to the underneath section of the desk top. You could add a little trim to keep the underneath edges to keep the fabric from hanging down but she said you don't even notice. Tiff also suggested purchasing some clear acrylic fabric to go over the cloth fabric and stapling that over the top to protect the fabric from stains...great idea for a kids desk area! Instant new piece of furniture with just a bit of paint and fabric!
I don't have a before picture of this wooden filing cabinet...but I know you have seen these everywhere at thrift stores and garage sales. Once again she got out some white paint and painted this sucker to match the desk. Then because she didn't like the brass hardware she took them off and spray painted them silver..and HELLO!! Looks like Pottery Barn to me!
Here are some more of her thrift store finds!! OOOH there is the filing cabinet before it was painted! Oh and this peachy colored chair is the same chair that is now red in her bedroom!

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