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Fashion Friday- video shoot with Chic On A Shoestring

By The Style Sisters - Friday, February 28, 2014

Hello fashionista friends...I had the really fun opportunity to do a video shoot with Alicia from Chic on A Shoestring for Moms Summit 2014 coming up in March. Alicia is an amazing wardrobe stylist and just a dynamic woman that wants to help women of all sizes and shapes learn how to flatter their unique figures. I felt like a movie star working with Alicia and the other gals and watching the camera guy and how he set up the lighting was so interesting.

In the video segment Alicia gave each one of us tips about the hard to dress areas of our bodies. Her philosophy is "You take a shopping list to the grocery store, you should have a plan for your wardrobe"

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Alicia has a 4-step approach to a functional wardrobe-

Most professional wardrobe stylists are known for their work with celebrity clients walking the red carpet.

For the past 15 years I have focused on the everyday woman. My personal clients have been women of all shapes and sizes (0 – 26) and I have been in their homes and in their closets and listened to their questions and complaints.

In my experience, most women only wear 20 - 30% of the clothing in their closet, which means a lot of wasted money and unnecessary frustration.

My goal with every client is to develop a functional wardrobe that brings out her personal best and causes her to look at her body in a positive light.

These steps can help you to develop a more functional wardrobe:

1) Understand how to flatter your unique body.

2) Clean out and inventory your closet.

3) Determine your wardrobe needs.

4) Then... go shopping.

Most women skip steps 1, 2 and 3 and then wonder why they have so many regrets hanging in their closets!

I learned quite a few I should shorten most of my tops to make sure they sit above the crotch area...because I am short waisted most tops are too long and shorten my leg length. By altering my tops it will give me a longer look in my torso. I also learned that the reason I did not like this jacket on me was because it had some shoulder pads in it and made the fabric hunch up in the back..I removed them as soon as I got home. I learned about jeans and what to look for in a good fit and a whole lot more!

It really was a blast to work with Alicia and all the other ladies that were there and it was so interesting to see how she helped each of us with our problem areas. Her blog is and there you will find tips and ideas plus a fit and flatter guide that you can purchase. Alicia also offers one on one consultations, group styling and shopping plus wardrobe and closet inventory and more....go to her blog and check out all her fabulous tips and all the options to help the everyday woman with her wardrobe.

Thank you Alicia for sharing your incredible experience, tips and knowledge.....I loved every minute of it! I am looking forward to the Moms Summit 2014 and working with you again!


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  1. What a fun day! I should probably check out her tips. My husband would be glad to not see me in sweatpants and hoodies all the time!

  2. Heidi..she really makes you feel good about yourself and how to make your best features take center stage. Hop on over to her blog and check her out...she is wonderful! Thanks for stopping by to say hi...I appreciate your comments.


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