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Itty Bitty Ruffle Shoe tutorial

By The Style Sisters - Monday, February 10, 2014

Itty bitty ruffle shoe tutorial, baby girl shoe tutorial, the style sisters

Don't you love those words.."itty bitty"? It just makes me automatically think of something cute and when I saw this tutorial on FLEETING THING how to make these adorable ruffle shoes for a baby girl I had to give them a try.

They were a little tricky..the pattern and full directions are on FLEETING THING blog

The 4 pattern pieces are quick and easy to cut out
Then you sew up the horse shoe section..easy peasy
I clipped into the curves so they would be easier to fold over and iron

Here is the piece turned right side out getting ready to iron.

Ironed flat

Now the tricky part....the little ruffles! They are tiny tiny....

Once you sew them you need to turn them right side out. I used and safety pin and some yarn...prolly should've used a string..the yarn was a little too fat but still worked. Tuck the safety pin and a little of the fabric inside to make it easier to feed through the tube.
Then slide safety pin with yarn attached all the way through....I thought my fingers were going to fall off! This is tedious for....ah hem..."older" fingers :)

Phew! Finally got it through! Now you gather each tiny piece into ruffles, one large and one small but they are both tiny! Then you sew the large ruffle onto shoe first and then the smallest ruffle and make sure you angle the ruffles off the edge of each side. See her directions.

Once ruffles are attached its time to sew the body onto the sole. See the wings...make sure they are there sticking's the ruffle edges...and you want to make sure they are sticking out...ask me how I know this???

So yeah...I didn't make sure they were sticking out the first time I made can see the bottom edge here..the edge of the ruffle is not incased in the seam and the raw edge is sticking out. Grrrrr..unpicking is not my fav thing to do :(

Once you are sure they are sewn in...trim the wings off.

Turn shoe rightside out and just look at the itty bitty cuteness!!!!

Add some elastic hand sewed into each side of the shoe

I can't wait to wrap them up for my friends that just had baby girls!

The fabric I used is from FAT QUARTER SHOP so many cute fabrics to choose from!!! I have lots of fabric crafts spinning in my mind.

Karin :)

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  1. I wish I had someone to make these for, they are just darling! I guess I will just have to start asking people to have babies so I can make them little shoes. Adorable!

    1. Lol I know...they just make you want to figure out someone to give them to. Every person I've shown them to always squeals with delight! I think I need to make more!

  2. Those are just the caaa-utest things! Love them. laurie

  3. I love these!!! Your fabric choices are gorgeous!!!! I can't get the links to work but I sooooooo wanna make these!!!


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