Fundraising Garage Sale Success!! - The Style Sisters

Fundraising Garage Sale Success!!

By The Style Sisters - Thursday, September 11, 2008

Where do we start? We weren't sure of what we could sell and what we couldn't so we had to clean it up first to make heads or tails of what was good and what was not. Yes that is me in the mask....I am so allergic to dust....I started getting hives after awhile all over my hands and arms. ka ka stuff!
This is our cute brother.... just a couple of days from being home from the hospital after his colostomy looking all skinny from not eating for almost two weeks!! I think he lost something like 20 pounds! He was sitting in this chair in the garage telling us what we could take out for the garage sale. He went back to bed shortly after this was taken. He wanted to be a part of this whole thing but he just needed to rest and recuperate.
This is Tiffany and I at midnight (after cleaning up the garage a little and setting up for the garage sale all day) putting up more signs for the garage sale the night before. Tiffany is so much fun she makes even the most mundane things funny!! Here she is doing a B-52 dance....oh my gosh she makes me laugh all the time!! I love her to pieces!!
Just thought I would update all of you on the garage sale fundraiser for my brother and his family. We were very successful and brought in $5,000 due to the many many kind, generous people living in the area. It just makes you realize how many good people there are out in the world today. We are always hearing about the not-so-nice people on the news everyday but let me tell you .....there are amazing people out there wanting to help others. I had one sweet lady buy a cookie jar for .50 Cents and handed me a hundred dollar bill and said give it to the family for me.....then another sweet old gentleman bought a bunch of pens for bingo gifts and asked how much he owed and gave us double the amount to help the family out. Tons and tons of friends and strangers alike brought items from their homes to be sold at the garage sale with all the money going to the family. Friends and family stayed all day to help set up and then came back the next day to help us sell all the stuff. Other friends and family baked goodies to sell! It was an amazing site and we were all overwhelmed with tears many times. was the biggest garage sale I had ever seen at one home. Our brother goes in tomorrow for more tests to see if the cancer has spread to other parts of his body. We find out on Friday when he starts Chemo and how much and for exactly how long. Keep us in your prayers. Thanks again for all your sweet comments and uplifting words of encouragement. They mean the world to all of us. I have shared them with my whole family.

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  1. Wow, that looks like a fabulous sale! Please know your brother is in my prayers today.

  2. rere! those pics are hilarious! i heard uncle tims cancer was worse than expected! uh oh! well he's pretty strong!

  3. Great job on the sale! I'll say a prayer for your family.

  4. you girls are amazing. prayers for you brother. he is a trooper. i am going to try and put that my blog!

  5. What ever would I do without my girls? You keep me on the positive end of this frightening adventure. But the Lord is comforting me and I know that all will be well one day. Tim and Liz are amazing and they lift my spirits just being with them. I know that all these things are for our good. We will all be better and stronger and more compasionate because of it. I love you cute things to pieces!!!!!


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