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Homemade Orange Rolls and Pumpkin Pie!

By The Style Sisters - Sunday, September 28, 2008

My daughter Emily wanted to learn how to make our favorite Thanksgiving foods this year. She said to me.."Mom you know how on Thanksgiving you, grandma, Tiff , Aunt Liz and now Madeline all get together in the kitchen and prepare all the food...I want to learn how do it with just you". Wow what a nice thing to have a daughter ask to be with me in the kitchen! I was amazed that my cute 17 year old almost 18 year old wants to be a part of the "kitchen crew" on Thanksgiving. I jumped at the chance to be with her in the kitchen today to teach her how to make Homemade orange rolls, homemade pumpkin pie ( from canned pumpkin and made from scratch pie crust ), candied yams and mashed potatoes. Emily really got into it and is quite profecient in the kitchen these days. I taught her how to make Grandma Billie's piecrust, what it should feel like, how to roll it out, not to touch it too much or it will make the crust tough. (All these tips and tricks have been passed down from generation to generation...)
We had a feast today and everything turned out perfect!! I took some pics so you can see her in action as well as the final result. Scrumpchalumpcious is all I can say. Emily has the makings of being a great cook someday. There is just something so soothing to the soul about traditions and especially around the holidays. Being in the kitchen with all the women in our family laughing, chopping, rolling out dough, adding a pinch of this and a pinch of that, oohing and ahhing over all the scrumptious food that we make together..It seems it is a right of passage this year for Emily as she will turn 18 in November and now wants to join in with all of us gals in grandma's kitchen for Thanksgiving!!.....It just makes my heart sing :)
We really had a great time in the kitchen today and we also got to share our meal with two of her friends so that made it really special as well.
Beautiful Sunday.

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  1. You're right. That is really great that she wants to be a part of that. I'm 34 (don't tell anyone), and I'm still not there. I have the recipes, but I hate to cook! P.S. My husband thanks you for telling me about the bell jars. I can't WAIT to go to Michaels! :)

  2. You should try just a few recipes...I am telling you once you make something that tastes and looks so good you are addicted and want to do more.

    Hope you find the bells jars you are looking for..I was thrilled when I finally found mine.

  3. Hello Dear
    Just want to say I found your post on the Martha Stuart Blog list and glad I did. I only viewed a couple pages so far, but have bookmarked and signed up as a follower to read more when time permits. I'm not much of a cooker or baker but love the rest of the stuff you print and photos.

    You have a great blog, hope to be as good as yours someday.
    Best to you

  4. I think you need to post the recipe for those orange rolls.
    They sound Yummy!

  5. That is so nice!!! I remember making Thanksgiving dinner for a crowd when I was 19 years old! I was on the phone with my mom asking her questions all day!



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