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Fashion Friday - A New Purse

By The Style Sisters - Friday, October 24, 2014

Are you like me when trying to find a new purse?
#1. I don't want to pay a lot of money...sorry "coach" none of those for me
#2. I dont want a huge honkin purse that could fit the kitchen sink in it...seriously have you seen the sizes of purses out there these days??
#3. I want it to be light weight because it kills my back and shoulder to lug around a heavy bag.
#4. I want the inside to be light in color instead of a dark hole where I can't find things
#5. I want it to be stylish and I want it to pretty much go with almost everything!
Is that too much to ask??? Well....I found one!
Fashion Friday, a new purse, charming Charlie's, The Style Sisters

While visiting my mom we decided to do a little shopping and went to Charming Charlie's! If you are not familiar with this store it is a fun accessories store that sells all kinds of purses, jewelry, scarves, shoes and some clothing items...the cool thing about this shop is that everything in the store is displayed and organized by color!!! I first heard of this shop while living in Texas and LOOVED it! Here is the inside of my and white striped lining so cute!

So happy with My new $39.00 purse...someone even asked me if it was a Kate Spade purse!

A new purse, charming Charlie's, fashion Friday's
I realized after I took this picture I had the purse turned is the front of the purse with cool gold zipper pouch for my cell phone.
Fashion Friday, fashion for fifty somethings, a new purse, charming Charlie's
Do you love my wrinkled denim shirt??? Lol...I'm just casual today at home
Fashion for fifty somethings, denim shirt

Yeah I probably should've ironed this or at least spritzed it with water and thrown it in the dryer but hey im keeping it real for you :)

Fashion for fifty somethings, denim,shirt
For a girl who has never been a "blue" fan I am sure wearing a lot of blue denim shirts these days! Please notice I spiced up my outfit with my cheetah ballet flats...yeah that is what I am talking about! I'm starting a new fad! A wrinkled denim shirt mixed with cheetah shoes! The fashionistas of the world better look out! Karin from The Style Sisters is coming into town today LOL
Denim shirt, fashion Friday

What is your "go to" comfortable outfit to wear to run errands in?



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  1. Oh, you're a skinny girl and look fantastic no matter what you wear! Yes, I'm particular about purses. Don't want the big name brands. Seems silly to pay so much for a darned purse. Yet we use them so much. My needs for a purse are much like yours. Great find!

  2. Ooooh, we have Charming Charlie here in Rockwall. Wonder if I could still find that purse. It does look just perfect. Your qualifications are pretty much the same as mine. I really do prefer leather but they are just too dang expensive anymore.


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