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A little trip to the East Coast

By The Style Sisters - Monday, October 13, 2014

Last week my sweet Hubby and I got to fulfill one of my long time dreams!! I have wants to see the east coast during the fall season for 30 years!

Light house on a hill
We will be celebrating our 30 year anniversary next month so when he had the opportunity to go back east for business we decided to lengthen the trip by a couple of days so we could see some sites! We were able to go to Massachusetts, New Hampshire, And Maine...ooooh it was a dream come true!
From tiny little fishing villages and beautiful ocean views to wooded areas covered with leaves that were turning all the fall colors to the downtown hustle and bustle city of Boston... I loved it all!

Fishing villages

Beautiful historic old white churches on almost every corner

Spectacular ocean front homes

My personal favorite...neighborhoods with cottage looking homes surrounded by huge trees in all their glory!

Of course the food was to die for! Fresh seafood!

Cute little towns with fun signage

Bridges with big flower baskets hanging over the side

Spectacular water areas with red gold and greens

Darling antique shops all along the way

I could not get enough of the little towns and the trees!!

Downtown Boston has a place called Mike's pastry where you have to stand in lines to get one of these delectable cannolis!!! So worth the wait!! We had a pistachio Canolli!...I wonder if they could ship me some?!!

It was a fast and furious 3 days filled with sights, sounds and smells that I will never forget! Thanks my love for making my dream come true!

Has anyone else been to these areas? Or maybe you live there now?


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  1. Hello Karin...I just read your blog post of your trip to New England and I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your photographs. They brought back lots of really good memories for me...you see I grew up on Cape Cod and retired and moved to Maine 15 years ago. I recognize some of the places that I have lived...the Cape Cod Canal...spent many hours there walking along the canal with my kids and some of my friends and like Cornish Maine...the photos kind of jumped out at me...and I said to myself...hey I used to live there. Thank you for sharing your lovely trip and for the fond and cherished memories of the places I used to live. - Kathy B.

    1. Kathy! I'm so happy my pictures brought back such happy times for you! I seriously loved it and didn't even post half of my pictures! It felt like I was snapping pictures left and right lol! It is a little piece of heaven that's for sure! Thanks so much for stopping by and sharing your memories with me :)

  2. It looks like you had an amazing time, Karin! Everything looks so pretty and dare I say...picture perfect. I can see why you have always wanted to visit! I have been up that way several years ago, but it was in the summer, and we were just passing through on our way back to Florida (where we lived at the time). My parents visited a few years ago, and stayed for a bit to see all the sights. They loved it, of course.

    Thank you for sharing all of the pics! I'm glad you had such a wonderful time! :)

    1. Melissa
      If you get the chance to go in the fall you NEED to go! It truly is a magical place all along the coast and into Boston! I would seriously consider moving there if it weren't for their brutal winters! Gosh so much to see and do and so unique as compared to the West. I loved the fact that there are so many little moms and pops shops in the little towns...not big box shopping. Thanks so much for stopping by!

  3. We were just in Boston - I can totally ASSURE you that since you made it to Mike's Pastries on the North side .......you got the most important part! LOL Seriously though- it is the best time of year there. My hubby is from Boston. We were just there for a couple weeks and stayed in Gloucester, Rockport, and one day in NH. Great part of the country oxo

    1. Hehe Mikes pastries are seriously the best things ever!! I feel so blessed to have been able to have seen all that we did! Boston is such a great city! We are definitely planning on going back again!! Thanks so much for stopping by!

  4. Happy Anni Karin! So glad you had such a special trip! I grew up in New England and there is no other place like it~



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