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Caramel Apples with Drizzled Chocolate Tutorial

By The Style Sisters - Thursday, October 02, 2014

For our cub scout pack meeting this week we have a theme of farm animals going on with games and skits about farmers. It was decided that caramel apples would be served and so I commenced making these caramel chocolate treats!
Caramel apples with drizzled chocolate
Caramel apples with drizzled chocolate, the Style Sisters
I asked my mom what was the best way to make 40 of these babies and she told me first you must wash them in hot soapy water to get some of the waxy stuff off so the caramel will stick. After you wash and rinse them, dry every speck of them...because once again if water is on them the caramel won't stick. How can such sticky stuff not sticks to my fingers wet or dry, my clothes the counters and to my stomach and thighs haha
Since my mom is a chocolatier she said I should get some of her special caramel but it was too far away to go get it so I opted for caramel Tid don't have to unwrap a zillion little square caramels! Yeah!! they come in a bag all ready to go. I found mine at Walmart where they sell chocolate chips. I added a 3 tbs cream to three bags of caramels, a pinch of kosher salt and probably about 1/2 tsp vanilla. Make sure you don't use too much liquid because it can get to runny.
Caramel TID bits
Caramel apples, the stylesisters
I heated things up over low to medium heat so as not to burn the cream or caramel...and they started "melting...melting.....I'm melting" (said in a witch voice) know the witch from Wizard of Oz.
Once it is all melted and smooth you can start dipping your apples....let me just clarify a few things...1. No dipping...I'd call it....twirling to get it evenly all around the apple. 2. Do you know how hard it is to take a picture yourself of twirling an apple while holding the hot lava pan of caramel?!! 3. Have some patience and take your time or you will have caramel all over the place...ask me how I know this.....Uuurrghh
Dipping apples in caramel
Caramel apples drizzled with chocolate
Notice the fast action shot here.....yeah's just blurry...I'm amazed I did not drop the phone into the hot lava caramel!
Here's the trick I found....I lean the pan on its side and dunk the apple while slowly twirling it so it will be evenly coated
Caramel apples
Caramel apples drizzled with caramel tutorial, the style sisters
Yeah im not the best twirler while trying to take a picture...I needed another pair of hands! Once it is covered to the amount you'd like...hold it over the pan while the excess drips off...then I used a knife to cut off some of the extra so it wouldn't puddle too much.
See...not huge puddles but just enough
The other very important secret my mom told me about was USE PARCHMENT PAPER...not wax paper, not aluminum foil...once they are set they easily come right off the stickiness at all but you gotta let them set...I put mine in the fridge and they were perfect!
So here is one of my scary Halloween looking caramel apples....yeah I don't know what happened here :( Some had lots of air bubbles in them but they look "gnarly dude" the cub scouts will love them. Once they are done I refrigerated them overnight and then I added the chocolate drizzle.
I melted the chocolate chips in a glass measuring cup and poured it into a pleated ziplock bag. I realized simply by accident when I snipped the bottom edge it created two holes so when the chocolate came out it came out in 2 cool looking!
Drizzling chocolate tutorial
Drizzling chocolate tutorial, caramel apples, the Style Sisters
I used a combination of these two chocolate chips....why? Because I had them and they are my hubby's favorite.
Ghirardelli chocolate chips
Caramel apples drizzled with chocolate, the style sisters
Here is my video tutorial of adding the chocolate drizzles

Caramel apples and pumpkins
Caramel apples drizzled with chocolate tutorial, The Style Sisters

Here is just one picture from our pack meeting...they looooved them and wanted more than one!
Happy Fall Y'all
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