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Fashion Friday- My Blue Suede Shoes

By The Style Sisters - Friday, October 17, 2014

Do you like my blue suede shoes? They are not really suede...I don't really know what they are made of but they look cool!
Fashion Friday - blue suede shoesI have always loved colorful shoes! I remember when I was in elememtary school and my mom bought me some sneakers...I got two was yellow and one was pink! Loved them!
My mom just reminded me of another story that began my affinity for colorful shoes....I was only 18 mos old and Santa Claus brought a pair of patent leather red shoes! When I opened the box I grabbed them and held them up to my heart and exclaimed "OH MY PITTY WED SHOES" and that began my love affair with colorful shoe!
Fashion Friday blue suede shoes
Pretty much I love bright colored clothes, bright colored walls, rugs, dish towels pretty much everything hahaha isn't this necklace adorable? My cute sister makes these..I will have to get her to list some in my etsy shop soon they are so fun to wear.
My yellow banana pants are from banana outlet. I can't remember where I bought the shoes...sorry about that.
Happy Friday everyone...enjoy your weekend!

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  1. Absolutely adorable as always, Karin! I am not one for wearing bright colors, but I do admire them on other people, and you wear them well! Have a lovely weekend! :)


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