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Harry Potter Tablescape

By The Style Sisters - Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Harry Potter is one of my neice's favorite movie series and so she invited a bunch of friends over for a Harry Potter movie marathon. I dug into my bins of Halloween paraphernalia to come up with a spooky themed tablescape.
I am so not a Harry Potter officinado.....I think I have only watched one or two of the movies) and (gasp) I never read the books!! So in order to come up with something Harry Potterish I thought dark, halloweenish, gothic...I looked around my house for things that could pass as funky gothic type Halloween items. Who knew my cute cottage house could deliver!! First I grabbed a black piece of fabric for the table cloth, a gold pedestal cake plate and a candelabra dripping with crystals, a tall metal garden thingy and from my Halloween bin...a large ceramic hand, a skull and fall leaves and pumpkins and created this!
My niece made some chocolate wands (chocolate dipped pretzels with sprinkles on the ends) and jelly bellies..which represent something from the movie??? I know about his wand but not the jelly beans...my niece says..they have beans that taste like anything and everything in the movie..."Aunt Karin,how do you not know this??"

She also made some chocolate frogs...these too have something to do with one of the Harry Potter movies but I can't remember what she told me :(

Foiled wrapped chocolate eyeballs next to a skull. The eye balls represent some big eyed character Alastor Moody?? Am I right?

One thing I do remember in one of the movies was a LARGE hairy spider in it!! Aren't you all impressed that a I knew that?! Haha I had this homemade spider nest that we hung from my chandelier ...remember when I used it HERE.

Here is the huge creepy spider also hanging from the chandelier.

Note- do not let the hairy legs get so close to the light bulb...it started to burn off the hair!! Yeah....fire hazard..luckily I noticed it right away...sheesh.... Can you just see this in the news..."Harry Potter movie marathon ended tragically when a big Hairy Spider burned down the house because the owner attached it to her chandelier to "get a spooky look for her table" yeeaaahh..I am the dummy.

Looking down at the table.

On the side table we created a little vignette using my curly metal dome with a few black crows scattered around. I bought this mirror the other day and I have some plans to white wash it but it works great for now to create this scary looking area. Oh oh I remember something else .....Harry looking into a glass wardrobe in one of the movies....My niece just laughs at me for not knowing all the things about the movies...she is like have you been living under a rock or what???

Hope you enjoyed my take on Harry Potter


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  1. Cute table. I loved the books. You did a great job for not being a lover. The big spider creeps me out! Love the wands and the eyeballs. I should have used them at my daughter's HP party. Joni

  2. What a fun table, I love the Harry Potter theme. I agree the big spider creeps me out too..... Candy

  3. You are more of a HP authority than I am. I know absolutely nothing. Yes, I live under a rock. Great tablescapes. I bet the girls had a blast. The chocolate frogs turned out great! Glad the hairy spider didn't catch the house on fire! laurie

  4. So cute, and I think you did great considering your little experience with HP! I did read the first book, but they got darker and darker it seemed to me~what a fun movie night for these Halloween days, great fun! So glad you didn't make the evening news with your spider!

  5. Very cute - and I think you nailed the theme! I watched a few of the movies with my daughter but I don't remember all the particulars. Glad you caught the spider in time. We have a fake palm tree we set near a chandelier when we were moving some things and it kind of melted one of the leaves- made for a sick looking piece!

  6. Well, I must be under that rock that your niece is referring to! I just never got into the Harry Potter thing- but you have some cute details here on your table!!! So Harry or not - I think its cute!!

  7. Great theme for your table! Wonderful.

  8. I would not come to your party with the spider thing going on....I hate spiders! lol I have no idea about Harry Potter either! I must live under a rock too! Oh well your table is a fun table. I am sure your niece had a great time at her movie marathon. Love all the goodies she came up with!
    Blessings My Friend,

  9. How very fun! I'm surprised not having seen more Harry Potter theme tables over the years. You've done it justice!

  10. How awesome! I'm going to have to come back to this post when my sons get home to show this to them! They are huge Harry Potter fans! Everything is delightful!



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