Welcome to Dining Room Tid Bits with Guest Blogger Linsey from The Farm House Porch - The Style Sisters

Welcome to Dining Room Tid Bits with Guest Blogger Linsey from The Farm House Porch

By The Style Sisters - Sunday, September 15, 2013

I am so excited to introduce you to Linsey from The Farmhouse Porch! I just love her style and her blog and I know you will too!
Howdy Readers! And Howdy to Karin of The Style Sisters blog!
Thank you so much for allowing me to come share a few thoughts and photos today with all of your followers.
My name is Linsey and you can find me over at The Farmhouse Porch I am so glad I was asked to talk about my dining room because it is one of the rooms in which I spend the most time. You're probably scratching your head right about now, wondering if we eat 3 formal meals a day in here, royal family style. I'm ashamed to admit that we rarely eat in here. This room has become my "Display Cool stuff and do crafts at the big farm table" room.
My dining room is located just under the loft, right in the middle of all of the action in our house. So from here I can do what moms do best...multitask. I can monitor the kids fighting, smell the dinner burning, and here the puppy ripping up my country living magazine...all while I blissfully craft away (or fold laundry, or paint...).
I like modern farmhouse style. I love chippy painted wood and crusty zinc-y metal. Linen and rustic fabrics. Beat up baskets and tea stained dishes.
And Jadeite!

I just can't get enough! This is my old apple crate in the other corner. And I'm constantly shakin' things up in here. Every time I post pictures of my dining room things are different. It's my vintage playground. Thanks for coming to play!

I'd be delighted to have you stop by my blog and Etsy shop too...HERE


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  1. yOU have some very cool collections, love the white dishes and of course I love the green, is it jade, so pretty, I use to have a set of salt and pepper shakers made with that and I loved them so much, nothing near as nice as your collection, thanks for sharing with us..come on over to my blog I would love to hear your comments on my house guests....Phyllis

  2. I am just loving that house. So awesome!

  3. I'm loving that hutch. I did mine black and every time I see a pretty white hutch I am regretting that decision. Looks great with all of the white-ware.

  4. Absolutely fabulous! The hutch and accessories are just beautiful. So pretty! :)



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