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Dining Room Tid Bits with guest blogger Madeline Anderson

By The Style Sisters - Monday, September 09, 2013

Welcome to Dining Room Tid Bits with guest blogger Madeline Anderson (amazing mother, designer, photographer and chef!)

Madeline is sharing her fabulous brightly colored tablescape she created with the help of her children...you are going to love this!!

Madeline - I am not typically one to give into the hottest trends out there. I like to solidify my style and stick with it regardless what hot new thing is "in" right now. For instance, I refused to read Harry Potter until 10 years after the first book came out and the only reason I read it was because I married a man who loves fantasy books and was floored that I hadn't read it. His family almost disowned me.

Nevertheless, I have caved to the neon craze that is sweeping the fashion and home dec industry - I refuse to go so far as chevron though.

I created a fun and bright tablescape to embrace the last few glimmers of summer. We recently re-located to a place where I am afraid for the winter to hit so I am not going to push fall in any way right now. I am sticking to my summer guns until Autumn officially hits September 22nd. (We will see how long that really lasts...)

I love these placemats because the kids and I created them together. They also display the correct place for the plate, fork, knife, and spoon. So my kids can set the table all by themselves.

I am a huge fan of using things you have. Earlier this year I planted a garden bed of zinnias and bordered it with the herb thyme.

I featured both of those in the centerpiece as well as utilized thyme's strength and flexibility in the form of a napkin ring. The smell is heaven.

Use fresh sprigs of thyme as a napkin ring.

Finding creative ways to utilize season specific dishware and decor gives it greater value. Here I dusted off those egg cups - only used around Easter typically and gave them new life as candle holders. The vases are just upcycled mason and baby food jars. There are wonderful, useful things all around you, you just have to take the time to try it out.

The tablecloth is from Fred Meyer. I bought it on clearance. I love turquoise and polka dots plus it's oil cloth. Dream come true. The napkins I recently found on clearance at Target for $0.50. Love!

Enjoy this neon fair and ode to a long indian summer.

Thanks mom, for having me as a guest poster. I hope you readers are enjoying the varied perspectives that have been shared here on the Style Sisters lately, I have loved it!

Check back tomorrow for Madeline's tutorial on how to make these awesome placemats with your kiddos.

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  1. Very cute, love the place mats. I think those big smiles on the little ones faces are because they love all of the bright colors.



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