By The Style Sisters - Thursday, April 10, 2008

This is a photo from one of my neighbors yard...the wind was wild early this morning and some are saying we had a touch down of a tornado! The sirens went off at 3 AM to alert us of the possibility that a tornado was coming our way! My daughter and I went into the closet underneath the stairs with our dog and waited for something to happen. In the little closet we keep water, food, flashlights and a radio. We were listening to the radio broadcasters tell us how much longer we were under the watch and how hard the winds were blowing...up to 100 miles an hour and rain pouring on us 5 to 7 inches! I was literally shaking like a leaf waiting for the tornado to rip through our home! We were very blessed to not have sustained any damage to our property but we feel bad for those in our neighborhoods and surrounding areas. Here are a few more pics...

Tramploline in neighbors pool!

Roof Shingles blown off

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