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Baby Shower Cupcakes!

By The Style Sisters - Friday, April 25, 2008

I know....... more cupcakes?! But I just had to post these because my daughter and I made them for the baby shower we just had for a friend of ours. We had so much fun making these adorable little gems. We made buttercream frosting and then tinted some of it blue and then added white to some of it to make it a lighter color blue. We used tons of different tips with the frosting in ziploc baggies and just played with all kinds of fun techniques. Plus we added little tiny white dots on some, blue crystal sprinkles and these really fun large confetti sprinkles. Everyone loved them!! We will be posting more photos of them on our website later today along with recipes and directions for the diaper cake and games we played at the shower! So check back later today at Ta Ta For Now!

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  1. Perfect! I will pass along a link to your site to the girls doing the shower. Definitely better than a Costco cake!

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Lets try that again....I must agree that costco is good sometimes but I prefer a delicious homemade cake or cupcake. They tast so much better and you can personalize them to fit your celebration. I will be posting recipes and other shower tidbits later this afternoon. I threw out my back painting my bathroom last night and so I can only sit for a little bit at a time. Check back later on our website.

  4. oh for pete sakes I can't spell! not siters! It must be my back that is causing me not to be able to spell right! LOL oh and I mispelled taste too!! tast

    I need to go lie down now. :)

  5. YOU! You guys are my feature today! Email me for your featured blinkie.

  6. My, those cakes are very . . . uh . . . blue :-)

    I have the name Styles in my genealogy on my father's side, married to the Tozer line in England--Eizabeth Maude Styles. Any connection?

  7. Those are some beautiful cupcakes!
    I found you via Kim at Creative Blogs...she sure knows how to pick 'em!!



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