Velcome to Centerpiece Wednesday #99

"Velcome" to Centerpiece "Vednesday"!!!

I am your host.....Vilma Vladsky...hahah my niece made me up to be the wicked stepmother of Snow White..but I think I look a bit like a vampire lady too...I hope you are all enjoying Halloween week. I am excited to share some of my favorite link ups from last there were sooo many good ones it was hard to choose!

I love this creepy green and black tablescape!

JBIGGS Little Pieces

The table, the setting, the cake, flowers....what's not to love?? Picked and painted

Are these the coolest or what gingerbread mushroom Cookies!

Twigg Studios

I thought this vignette was so unique you need to see more of her creativity. With A dash of color
You know what to do...LINK on up everyone!!

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