Outdoor Fall wedding with pumpkins, cornstalks, fall leaves, Pumpkin pie and soup

By The Style Sisters - Friday, September 28, 2018

I adore outdoor wedding receptions especially in the fall when the colors are so spectacular! The bright orange pumpkins, fall leaves, twinkling lights...ahhh it just speaks to my soul. Our cute niece...Katie had her wedding reception in my mom's backyard 2 years ago and I never posted about it...but it was magical!! My mom used to live on beautiful acre of land in a teeny tiny town called Veyo in Southern Utah.
 The views of the mountains in her backyard of the mountains are stunning and her yard is gorgeous!
Outdoor fall wedding
Round tables covered in white cloths with a small square of burlap and pumpkins that were hollowed out and filled with fresh flowers made for a beautiful setting. The plain metal church chairs were tied with organza to give a softer look to them. 

 They bought four bunches from Costco and we split them up and it made 8 centerpieces!
 Score on savings!

With a lot of help from family every area was lit up with white lights.

Cornstalks, pumpkins and flowers were placed all around the yard
Katie didn't want a wedding cake so she opted for Pie!

Everyone pitched in to help put together flower arrangements in the hallowed out pumpkinsDIY Pumpkin vases for flowers

Mom was in the kitchen making soup with the brides twin sister

Everyone had a great time!
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