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Popcorn Vendor Tray Tutorial

By The Style Sisters - Thursday, July 17, 2014

I was asked by our stake Young Women's camp director from our church to see if I could come up with a cute popcorn vendor tray...to serve popcorn to the young women while up at camp. I was up for the task and began my search to find something that would be sturdy enough to hold lots of bags of popcorn and yet not be too heavy hanging around the neck. This is what I came it with!

Popcorn vendor tray tutorial, popcorn vendor costume

I happened to be at Costco checking out and saw a huge stack of these canteloupe boxes and asked if I could have 4 of them. FREE Ka-Ching!

Popcorn tray tutorial

Then I hopped over to Lowes to get some spray paint. I really love Valspar spray paint it covers so nicely. I had some white spray paint in the garage but it was super runny...Valspar wins for me!

Valspar spray paint

I sprayed the boxes on the outsides and tops in red white and blue..I did not spray the insides.

Popcorn vendor box tutorial

Outdoor movie popcorn holders
I found the free clip art on the internet...I like the white stripes with the yellow popcorn and how it looks combined with the popcorn word clipart...also free clipart. You can right click on the popcorn image and save to your computer and put four on a page and print out.
Popcorn clipart

Once you print your images...cut them out and use a glue stick to adhere them to the boxes.

Make sure you get the glue all around the edges otherwise it starts lifting

Popcorn vendor tray tutorial, take me out to the ball game

I was racking my brain to come up with a strap that would be comfortable around the neck and cheap. I was just about to buy some canvas fabric at Walmart when I spotted shelving liner stuff! It is soft, easy to cut and tied onto the boxes perfectly!

It comes in a variety of colors and with the left overs I can line a few drawers!

Even my teenage nephews thought the were so cool and thought I had bought them! So....I would say

"Nailed it"! LoL

Baseball popcorn vendor trays

I can't wait to see them being used up at camp and I am going to figure out other ways to use them here at home....I see an outdoor movie night in my future!

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  1. What a darling idea, they really came out so cute, and really should be perfect for the job you made them for.........and hope they stay nice so you can use them at home somewhere too.
    Blessings, Nellie

  2. how did they work? was the strap comfortable?



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