Pink roses from my garden - The Style Sisters

Pink roses from my garden

By The Style Sisters - Monday, June 16, 2014

Life has been so crazy busy lately... I've had 3 nephews and one niece and her puppy staying with us for a few weeks since their brother was in an accident in Flordia and their mom has been there with him for a month or so now.. He is doing so great! Miracles continue to occur with him everyday...EVERY....Day! He has taken some steps, wheels himself in a wheel chair for a little bit and has even talked a little even though his mouth is wired shut and he has had a traceotomy.....I know it's from so many people praying for him! Miracles have not ceased! I noticed my beautiful pink roses were all in bloom and smelling so good I had to cut some and bring them in.

I can't get enough of these fluffly pink roses...I don't even the name of them but I bought them last year because of their sweet smelling aroma and pretty pink color.

They remind me of my other favorite flower...peonies! A miniature sized one at that but nonetheless gorgeous, far grant and best of all...fluffy!

Here is a picture of my sweet nephew and his sweet precious mom helping him recover from the accident

Hope you enjoyed your day :)


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  1. I'm so glad he is recovering! Thank God for miracles! I LOVE those flowers too, and enjoy reading your blog! Have a great day! :)

  2. Beautiful roses, Karin!
    LOVE hearing the great news about your nephew!

  3. Oh God Bless. We went through that a few years back with a grandson. He is totally cured, the Lord does do Miracles every single day. I will keep you all in prayer.

  4. Oh My! Your roses are stunning! I'm so glad that your nephew continues to improve. I do have he and his family in my prayers. Last year, when our grandson was born, weighing 1.14 lbs., I kept his sisters while his parents were with him at the hospital. Not only is it difficult to add new children to your household, but you are caring for children who are coping with worries about their sibling and missing their parents. I'm praying for you too.


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