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Photo backdrop for 18th birthday party

By The Style Sisters - Friday, August 23, 2013

My adorable niece just turned 18 and a bunch of her friends along with my sister gave her a surprise birthday party. My sister was trying to come up with some inexpensive quick ideas for decorations to use at the park. I don't know if you have ever tried to decorate a large space like a gym or a park but you have got to have large scale things to make an impact.

I happened to have to have just read an emagazines called souvenir lifestyle by Heather Bullock I believe it was last years summer edition and it highlighted some really cute photo booths to make like these:

A white background with tons of fun words written all "friends", "fun", "summer" etc... Then they added cardboard cut into shapes attached to sticks and painted with chalkboard paint so guests could write their own sayings. Sooo cute!!

Or here is a more elaborate one that involves lots of paper flowers that you could make and attach to a light green background. You could use paint or what about wrapping paper?

The day of the party my sister...Tiffany.....was running around like a crazy person getting one kid to the doctor, taking a car to her hubby because his had to go into the shop, stop at the grocery store which BTW is 45 min. away from her house!!! and try to make a bunch of cupcakes!

Then get all the stuff ready to take to the park and figure out a cute way to make the photo booth!! Phew!! I don't know how she does it!! Anyway this is what she came up with.....seriously so cute!!

Tiff had some grey fabric and hung it as the backdrop..she didnt have time to paint the backdrop so this worked perectly...then she hung some white butcher paper in front and she wrote lots of words on it and attached some paper flowers that she made...kind of a little combination of both ideas! Tiff brought some of her chairs that she recently painted. Remember when she painted her chairs HERE

To greet all the guests...Tiff used a large chalkboard....that she had hanging on her wall in the kitchen and she yanked it down for this party and added this cute banner and strung it across the top.

I'd say Elli had a great time and her mommdid a fabulous job!
Happy Birthday Elli!


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